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But this is no evidence of it remained, but an interesting hypothesis the famous astronomer Sagan, which he put forward in the early 60s, it sounds plausible Bole. He believed that the cavities, which are found beneath the surface of the moon may be the residence of biological beings. Judging by that one of the cavities, even up to 100 cubic kilometers, one can wonder about what he might be right. In 1963, astronomers from the United States found on the moon huge moving luminous objects, the size of 5 km in length and 300 meters width. Flegstafskaya observatory recorded as many as 31 such object.

Nearby objects are a little smaller, but much more. Before the "Apollo-II flew to the moon, NASA published a directory of lunar anomalies in which refers to emerging and disappearing huge domes, walls, craters, trenches, various geometric shapes that move and the other anomaly. Total counted 579 such anomalies in the history of lunar exploration humanity. craters, walls, trenches, moving geometric shapes of different "colors" and so on. English astronomer Birt in 1871, also referred to the geometric shapes in the catalog secrets of the moon. It turns out that after how Armstrong flew to the natural satellite of Earth, all the hypotheses put to rest, and we realized that nothing about the moon is not the one who znaem.Te be what they are doing? Just watch us to conduct experiments, because a lot of people lost in either where. A stalemate is not appearing.

Application CIS Education

" It was at a seminar on the program The Foundation Brilliance, designed by Mr. Percy. This program is designed to open and make applicable absolutely certain talents and abilities of the person that are unique to him. It is clear that achieving such a goal makes consent to life and allows us to achieve significant results, affecting the whole society, to achieve a work and personal life. This happens when we hear about the display of talents of all known, famous, powerful, great people, from political and religious leaders to inventors and scientists, including teachers, administrators, physicians, economists, artists and any other areas of human activity. Lectures and seminars based on the fundamental purposes of the program, conducted in subsequent days of stay of Mr. Percy in Moscow. Another topic that was addressed on a large scale in those days, dealt with the relationship of parents and children.

In the world there is no man who from his own experience would not be known problem of mutual understanding between older and younger generations – each of us at least was a kid. It would seem that this problem is as old as the hills, with no explanation. However, Bernard Percy has demonstrated that using methods provided to us in order by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, this issue can be resolved to the satisfaction of both parents and children. Mr. Percy drew attention, and showed by example and gave make sure the audience through personal experience how important human relationships have on the availability of skillful communication and a positive control.

Both areas were quite thoroughly investigated at the time Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, who also was defined and how the practical application of findings, which are known as the Formula of communication, as well as the anatomy of control. After the visit of Mr. Percy left a lot of feedback from the public who visited the meeting with him. Many people have expressed their desire for future meetings, as well as a desire to join the program for the disclosure of their own talents, as well as the talents of their children. In connection with this Application CIS Education plans to organize one or more additional visits, Mr. Percy to Moscow in 2010.

State Tax Service

New taxation would apply to contracts of donation, which will be signed no earlier than January 1, 2006, in our view, the problem may be due to the fact that the design ownership of property that passes by inheritance, the heirs takes longer than that of the donee. If the property owner died in 2005, the tax is calculated on the opening day of the inheritance (Ie the day of death), even regardless of the fact that the procedure of registration of rights to inherit property is about 6 months. The legislation before January 1, 2006, establishes that the tax is calculated on the opening day inheritance. In addition, under Section 6 of the Regulations of the State Tax Service of Russia May 30, 1995 N 32 "On procedure of calculation and payment of tax on property transferred by inheritance or gift" tax on property transferred in order inheritance, is calculated from the value (valuation) of the estate on the opening day of the inheritance, even if the value of the property at the time of issuance of the certificate would be different compared with the estimate on the opening day inheritance. Federal Law N 78-FZ, unfortunately, these explanations do not contain. Refer to Chapter 64 of the Civil Code, which defines the procedure for issuance of the inheritance. Within 6 months from the date of opening of the inheritance (day opening of the inheritance – the day of death of a citizen of Art. 1114 Civil Code) the heirs must go to a notary or authorized by law to make such a notarial action officer at the place of discovery inheritance, a statement of acceptance of an inheritance or a statement for a certificate of inheritance.