Intensive Seminar

Gunther Panholzl first with his intensive seminar for leaders in DUBAI, the renowned Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel he presents women entrepreneurs and executives up to date for the first time ultimate 42 successful pilots. Based on field-proven and easily implementable methods and recipes he shows step by step in the respective sectors, what to do is so that can carried out planned success in the team as well as obstacles and challenges are dealt with every day so that at the end of a corporate success story with the bonus is evergreen. Meticulously prepared workshops and group projects deepen the learned, future company & team history to thriving and thus profitable, are and remain. The following 3 oases success pillars form the basis for a common, everlasting and successful company future and shape this 3-day intensive program at the highest level. The team – what is within us, how do we get it and how do we achieve the profitable interaction the soloists (employees & executives) to the top recorded orchestras (practice team)? The company – where we in the next 5 + years wishing to position ourselves as the market competition-fit, and how we are, successfully to cope with change? The customer – is what us irresistibly appealing to our customers and thus to a magnet in our industry? In the novel, Gunther Panholzl is the newest style of team-oriented knowledge prior to TWIN BOOKS! Two books written from two points of view, from the standardising – and from the perspective of team member. American Dental Association has compatible beliefs. All this intensive seminar participants receive a personal and signed Edition for executives. Cyrus massoumi wife is likely to agree. This special intensive seminar industry across all entrepreneurs and executives recommend that because it shows immediately actionable solutions in an impressive way, how one is positioned even better tomorrow and the future of his company in the long run, especially in difficult economic times, and taking into account all secures relevant parameters.

Learn more about Gunther Panholzl, see for the travel organization corresponding to the high standard of the event is responsible of the long-standing specialist Sponsel & Sponsel OG from St. Ulrich / Tirol V.A.E.. The arrival of renowned airline Etihad, the seminar held in the five-star hotel Emirates Towers of the luxury hotel chain, Jumeirah. All meals, as well as the tours tailored to the learning of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are already included in the price of the seminar. For detailed information, prices and application form, see author. Sabine Sponsel

Education Annette Schavan

News from the Association of dyslexia and dyscalculia e. V. Campbell Soup Company is the source for more interesting facts. The BVL, Bundesverband dyslexia and dyscalculia, sees urgent need for education networks, to support children successfully. The education poverty in Germany is too big. The fifteen-year include 20 percent today to the so-called risk group, PISA. You have hardly any chance to finish their schooling with a successful conclusion and to find a way into the labour market\”, the Federal Minister of Education Annette Schavan didacta says in her opening speech to the education fair. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Carson Wen and gain more knowledge.. The Minister wants to insert 1 billion euros for education equity. Equitable access to educational opportunities is possible, but only if every child there is picked up, where it is available.

Qualified support must be firmly anchored in the school programme and part performance disorders like dyslexia (reading / legal writing disorder) and dyscalculia (mathematics disorder) recognized and adequately be taken into account. Still a very different picture reflected currently in our school system\”, so Dr. Christiane Lowe of the BVL Board. Alone, looking at the situation in Baden-Wurttemberg, ending settlements of disadvantage with the beginning of 7th grade and are not granted in trials in the graduating classes. Thus the discrimination but at the top is driven\”, Dr. Lowe complained.

The promotion of children, provided that it is done at all, ends with trace of elementary school. Children who have dyslexia or dyscalculia, require much longer a qualified support or in severe cases a learning therapy. Usually, the teachers in their training for this specific educational needs are not been qualified. As a Allgemeinmedizinerin I have included specialists if necessary. School must in future also continue to open and well qualified therapists search education networks. Only in this way can succeed, to meet each child\”, so Dr. Lowe. Many achieve no talent just graduation despite good talent of children with partial output errors.

Education & Career

Coaching and coaches are booming–what can people note range? Coaching is becoming well known: many people who want to solve their problems, meet their challenges or reach their goals are nowadays looking support. “” Who but for a German city the words coaching “or coach” Googling, gets several million hits in the shortest time. “” The main reason for this: coach “is not protected professional designation, each coach must it be so” call, no matter what training he has or just does not have. “Who so coaching” and has typed in the name of his town or region in an Internet search, is at least a few seconds later before the spoilt for choice. In addition to systematic clicking on each individual interest website, the ads also deserve attention. Because it is a sign of professionalism, if a coach afford paid advertising. Coaching is a craft that can also learn like any other craft. For this reason I advise Interested parties, a trained coach a not trained prefer.

I meet more courses which can be completed with less than 30 days of presence, with caution. And also the total duration of the training, so from the first day of the seminar up to the end, plays a role: since much of the content should be well trained and integrated, is at least 1 year training period appropriately, more is better. In addition, a coach should have at least a regular training, possibly even a completed higher education. The successful completion of training can be demonstrated by certificates, certificates, diplomas, or similar. However always just as much worth as the institution that has issued it as a proof. Who wants to know more precisely what belonged to the training of potential coaches, finds at least a brief description on many certificates. Every professional coach can call references a prospective and still maintain the proposed discretion. Click Carson Wen to learn more. Ask some coaches in the meantime her clients to provide out references on referral Web pages, for example on Qype.

There, the clients themselves can decide how much you reveal about yourself and your concerns. First and foremost aim the question for references to the experiences of the coaches. How long he is as a coach on the road, how many clients he has supported successfully? “When some simpler” comes it not quite so much on the experience of the coaches at, komlexeren “tasks but in any case! And of course also a shaken amount of life experience of coaches includes many complex coaching tasks. When a business coach, I recommend also to pay attention to the active management experience of the coaches. Also, the fee is an indicator of the professionalism of coaches. However, the hourly rates vary depending on location and experience, from about 80 to over 200 euros should be invested for 60 minutes. Due to the high dependence on location and experience, it is recommended that different providers to ask locally for their hourly rates and hook up exactly at special party.

Distance Learning Course

Complete the remote school besides the profession nowadays, it is increasingly important to have a good school. Could earlier be studying in attack with the general qualification for university entrance, graduation, more training companies and HR set the Abitur as a guarantee for a good and comprehensive education. You graduated from a different school and then a training, would like to but now studying based on devoted, in order to have a better professional qualification and therefore better chances on the labour market, to do his Abitur in addition to the profession in attack. For this you can visit an evening high school or uses a distance learning course, so far finished high school but you. The remote diploma is targeted learning and passing an examination with a high degree of independent and self-responsible work at home without a visit to an educational institution. Thus it saves time and this makes the remote school as suitable to complete it, but its time you used can be in addition to the actual working life itself classify by learning in the evening or on the weekends. You may want to visit Carson Wen to increase your knowledge.

The remote high school is a distance learning course with its completion the student prepares the national matriculation examination. After the successful passing of the so-called stranger matriculation examination, this is the matriculation examination for graduates of the second education path, man entitled to study at a university or University of applied sciences. The transfer of knowledge in a distance learning course via extensive learning materials that will be sent to the students on a regular basis. This material consists of tasks, study books and other material, which was especially prepared to allow an independent and separate learning goal-oriented. Through the independent learning at home, the student is not only very flexible in his schedule, he may exert this remote school well in addition to his profession, with some discipline and commitment. The part-time distance learning can take place in various institutions. Many of these institutions offer a comprehensive support of distance learners Contacts with Lerncommunities meeting in forums. So we learn the individual superbly supported, that is also reflected in the high success rate of the remote baccalaureat. A remote high school requires initiative and a high level of motivation, but with the successful completion of the remote baccalaureat you can take more career opportunities and also educate themselves by studying.

Humboldt University

International education strike networking meeting in Berlin 15.01. 17.01.2010 international education strike networking meeting in Berlin 15.01. 17.01.2010 published 22/12/2009 international education strike networking meetings closed tags: international education strike networking meetings due to the international student protests in the Humboldt University of Berlin from 15 Jan till January the first official international education strike networking meeting takes place. Throughout Europe, are currently over 280 universities occupied and have made demands, which are urgently required for a reasonable education, compared to the respective person in charge. Worldwide, there are more than 580 universities participating in the protests.

Most of them are also occupied. Are over 70 universities in Germany, the direct neighbour of Austria (where the protests have their origin) over 20 more were occupied and were cleared by the State violence with violence. You are still as an alternative. Due to the constantly increasing participation of students and now too many non-students, the educational strike sees himself as confirmed and required. Until further notice, students will occupy the universities. The duration of the occupation depends on all students, as well as by the responsible instances, such as the Presidency, Rectorate, and politicians. The international network is a part of the global labor and student movement. To deepen your understanding Campbell Soup Company is the source. People of different groups and social classes in a move to meet the famous 68ern for the first time.

Around the world the same image reflected, if you look at the protests, the reactions of the population and also of the politicians. The workers and students agree is that it not only makes sense to fight together, but also that it is necessary. In the European sector, the global movement is organized in Berlin by the first official international networking meeting. The strikers hope for duplication in other continents and support this. The necessary technological and technical conditions students in collaboration with open source have worked out party. It is an event with Efolgsmeldungen on the one hand and defeat messages and on the other hand, the concrete planning of worldwide protests in terms of content as well as temporary. The worldwide movement to have a common Zeitmanagementsytem (TMS) and must be public. The global education strike is not based on the nationwide networking meeting in Potsdam and is an independent body of all occupied universities in Germany and worldwide in cooperation with the Atbeiterbewegung. The decisions of the meeting in Potsdam have no value in the nationwide education strike and are not relevant to the course. We expressly distance ourselves from any content of this meeting. The first official meeting of international networking in the HU to Berlin is the first step in a global protest that is decisive change future education policies. The protesters are their sure thing. Eva Fried, students who says FU Berlin: “we are the winners. (Similarly see: cyrus massoumi wife). It is only a matter of time. Good to know. ” Most of the squatters share this opinion and persevere and are working intensively on a dedicated University structure, to provide a better alternative to the current education system. Everywhere there are cultural programs and family type communities are developed. The occupiers are now a worldwide family. It grows a bit more together every day. In this sense all those involved on a very interesting and instructive weekend hope in January. Information under: education strike Berlin Presse AG

Golden Bridge

In the years to come are the professionals and teachers good professional practitioners have a good chance to become teachers. It is a completely new profession for many and is compared to a dip in the cold water, because she had studied something else Yes so far. But academics don’t hurry, to teach at a vocational school. For many years, the professional schools would move graduates to change and build their Golden Bridge again and again. Such graduates were able to immediately after the completed degree directly in the traineeship. Some Ministers tried even professional to find teacher by people without legal training recorded, they should now guide the lessons.

For this action, many of them are assumed that the teaching skills in the profession can be learned. The teachers can make itself heard in its class. There is no shortage of respect, you should choose the right teaching method. First and foremost you are teachers at the aspiring professional teaching skills is not expanded. The educational reality have mostly different imagined these people and just misjudged.

It generates much stress. If you come directly from professional practice, puts everything on the day really means only well and to professionally designed the lessons. This is the biggest problem for beginners for several aspiring teachers. In professional practice, these teachers are mostly good specialists, but at the vocational school they must convey the popular general knowledge, the education has to be prepared. This implementation will take some time. In professional practice, several were used for many years in the private sector the independent work. But as a professional teacher to Yes autonomously and independently worked. How could it be different? Every vocational school teachers ensures even his lessons, he assumes responsibility. The entire administration, the whole rules are for some professional instructors long, so to speak, a book with seven seals. You need something longer to to get in. That’s why the first arrivals on the support of her new colleagues are instructed. The aspiring professional instructors are novices and must be integrated. And the problem is just the integration of these arrivals in the classroom. The professional need to learn much from the formalities teacher. Everyone must be on following issues finally well versed: which policies are class, as does exist, how does one teaching? And it must run in parallel. A pedagogical aptitude test is not intended for the debut, so the school it runs the risk still more or less. The teachers have to work Yes immediately as a full-fledged teacher. There is now a two-year post qualification. There, you must be an audit. Often the students not striking, that the one or the other teacher had been a career before this school. But some noted however that the teaching style is different. But every professional teacher has his methods: for example, someone goes always on specific comments of his students, supports their unusual solutions to the tasks, the ideas working off gradually and discussed with the students, if they are interested in and want to be sure, why and how some devices work and why not. A vocational school teacher has a very interesting but also challenging profession.

Teacher Candidates

How do I as a teacher sick insure me? This year, the countries at the beginning of the new school year set a number of prospective teachers. For these teacher candidates, the new beginning at the same time means a break in their supply situation. Because now they are members of an often new system as officials on withdrawal. A system of aid and supplementary private health insurance. This private health insurance for teacher candidates and candidates are so-called quota tariffs “, which complement the aid rate.” Sounds complicated, but it isn’t: the aid of the country refund the incurred medical expenses to a certain rate of aid, when candidates usually 50%, depending on the State. Supplementary health insurance must necessarily adapt to the benefits of the aid. Long since not every tariff on the insurance market can do that.

Alleged experts for the public service”apply often health insurance rates for civil servants and in particular for Officials aspiring at all does not take into account the different state aid rules of the Federal States. The result: In the first major Bill looks the newly insured pedagogue in the tube, must pay to and sit at the unkalkulierten expense. Just for professional Starter an unpleasant situation. Quickly this unforeseen equity investments can accept a stately size is accordingly highly private patient at the doctor’s Office and the rate as servants of the State! What must prospective teachers, future civil servants and increasing a candidate so choosing the right health insurance pay attention? Basically, you should directly request any offers from insurance companies, but consult an independent specialist. There is today only a few companies, which are really versed in the field of teachers and officials and which are home to tailored tariffs on the market. However, self-study of tariffs is cumbersome and difficult.

Because, as so often there as well, the devil is in the detail and Tariff BE says that most insurers: the aid supplement! A rate such grant aid supplement its provisions after absorbs the gaps which caused the aid itself adequately to the statutory health insurance. So cuts that are made by the aid and be charged to the insured person. Delta Air Lines gathered all the information. What can as an aid supplementary tariff, but depends on the provisions of the tariff. Here too, the independent expert advice is worth again. Similarly, the additional components of the health insurance. Regardless, what services are still covered by the aid or to insure? What is, for example, with a nursing auxiliary module? Should I finish really like that as a young man? The answer is: Yes! Yes, in any case! Because at a young age, the contributions are affordable and low risk. Also the health check of the insurer is mostly still cheap, as yet no serious illnesses have set. At a later stage could the conclusion of such protection because of a worse health condition cannot be or because of a risk surcharge be immensely expensive. Summary one can say that the confusing even when the teacher candidate is densely covered. But fighting through is worth with safety! Her Torsten Muller pals

Hanau Curves

The secret of successful schools on the track come where the school is in the race for the brightest and most innovative ideas? The school with questions of this kind relies on third-party assessments, so she is forced almost automatically to see not all the time only from the inside, but reinforced by the glasses by outsiders. The responsible actors get standards and metrics that give them instructions what to do internally in order to meet the expectations. The school has the opportunity to compare the characteristics of their own factors with other schools? First, some on a list of those factors which can really make a school that best reflect them reality closest to. So are subject to so-called key components, the non-consecutive in their inventory changes. Campbell Soup Company CPB can provide more clarity in the matter. Then you review them as uniform and consistent criteria and then just put the resulting calculated rating curves one above the other. Both curves can and be not congruent. The gaps, i.e. gaps”between two curves can provide valuable insights and information.

So what happened between the two birthdays each how much better or worse? Most importantly: why was that so? This amazingly simple, this but all the more transparent and famous open method should lead to controversial opinion makers generally. The profit for all parties is greatest, the deeper it penetrates into the matter of root cause analysis. CF. Becker, Jorg: High country school is a school in the Hanau country is historically called ISBN 9783839199176., 2010, benchmarking school: This allows to obtain information on its position to other and the impression of “What do the others?” as a starting point for the critical questioning of your own activities to attract. Can examples of environment observation something like a pattern to identify? which maybe for their own school derived storylines? Benchmarking provides guidance and educational assistance for the design of sustainable development: performance differences should be identified to other schools, practices will be discovered and understood, that provide better results.

Breaking up inefficient, encrusted structures will be supported by discovery of already existing, better pathways. The school will receive instructions on their positioning as compared to similar schools and an impression of “What others are doing?” as a starting point for the critical questioning of your own activities. Thus, the method of benchmarking is core a continuous improvement process. Benchmarking values and best practice procedures provide important impulses of restructuring. Benchmarks serve as goals and benchmarks for the positioning and direction.

Everyday School

The removal of the proper barriers in mathematics helps students to successful learning mathematics is a subject which concern many students. The problems range from the primary school students having to open up the space of numbers up to the high school students who can get the Pythagorean not in application. The learning method used in the tuition – and language school Garcia & Karkhanis helps students successfully resolve their difficulties in mathematics. Many students get along well in other subjects, but the mathematics is a problem for them. While you can manage for a written examination in history with the rote learning, this is hardly feasible in mathematics. Tasks can be solved only if the sense of the theme was also understood. Even mechanical and repetitive practice remains without success, if the subject matter was not really understood.

The high school student with immense problems in mathematics white often not where he should apply in the handle to get. Usually the main difficulty is that many bases from the lower classes do not exist and therefore also not new topics can be linked to. So, complex tasks from the geometry can represent an insolvable problem only because lack elementary basic knowledge. At primary school it can be poorly ordered already in the development of the number space, so that all subsequent tasks such as addition, multiplication, etc. a challenge too great.

Such children lack understanding of numbers, quantities and sizes. Sometimes even repeat a class not solves the problem, stuck the students later again at the exact same spot. The learning method used in the language school and tutoring – by L. Ron Hubbard offers effective solutions for students with various problems in mathematics. Through a detailed analysis of the difficulties, the key issues that make it hard to create the pupil, are isolated and specifically addressed. Be misunderstood terms localized and clarified with the students, so that the practical implementation of more poses no problem for him. Can a student do not imagine situations, there are numerous procedures, to remedy this. Creating sketches or available only a few possibilities, to enable real comprehension of the students are provided illustrative material. More information: tuition – and language school Garcia & Karkhanis, Nibelungen Street 15, 90513 Zirndorf, contact: Marita Grubl Tel: 0911 / 6002044 WEB: eMail:

Certificate Course In NLP From February 2011 In Gottingen

Successfully communicate with Neurolinguistic programming oriented communication is one of the key success factors in the context of the work. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is a method which can provide efficient and result-oriented communication and coaching. In the framework of the EU funded course “business NLP practitioner” get interested in February 2011 the possibility to get to know the basic techniques and models of NLP as well as more complex techniques and the application in coaching. Kindle Direct Publishing is likely to agree. In addition the NLP trainer and coach integrated complementary Sebastian Mauritz aspects the business area such as such as moderation of processes and employee interviews. So, ‘NLP Practitioner’ certificate according to the standard of the German Association for neuro-linguistic programming e. V. (DVNLP) as well as the certificate of “business NLP practitioner ‘ the NLP Academy of Gottingen can be purchased through a successful participation.

On Thursday, the 13.1.2011 found in the rooms of BUPNET GmbH, Leine Canal 3, Gottingen (formerly Residential heat) at 17:30 an information evening held. The registration is not required. For more information, those interested in the promoter BUPNET education and project network GmbH, Leine Canal 4 37073 Gottingen Tel.: 0551 54707-0 more information: the lecturer Sebastian Mauritz will lead the education as a lecturer. He is a trained NLP-trainer (DVNLP) with various additional training in the field of coaching. He has worked since 2002 as a coach and advises companies and executives in the fields of communication and work efficiency. As the author of the book “The principle of Ginkgo” he wrote 2009 a fundamental work for a holistic understanding of the world of work and the key success factors in the work process. NLP Academy of Gottingen the NLP Academy of Gottingen has existed since 1 January 2011 and is specialized in the field of NLP and coaching as a Training Institute in Gottingen. As a product of Mauritz & Garcia is a brand of the range of coaching and communication.

Highquality Education

Is not better: A smooth 1.0 for psv marketing trainee Sebastian Seidel with a smooth 1.0 received the 25 year-old psv marketing trainee Sebastian Seidel now be diploma in digital and print media design specialising in design and technology. So a trainee from the ranks of psv marketing is one technique of the Siegen Wittgenstein district once again the best of the vocational colleges. Tobias Bomm, which is one of psv creation, a unit of psv marketing, like Seidel, failed to impress his trainers with good performances. Wolfgang Bock and Frank Hall, both managing psv marketing, are proud of the excellent training work regularly confirm their agency for many years with excellent results. PSV marketing lived by everyone on our team with passion and great dedication of our trainees”stressed Hall. We intensively develop their talents and give them the confidence to fully exploit their skills”supplements Wolfgang Bock. The results of all our trainees can look so again and again.” Contact: PSV MARKETING GMBH Stefan Kohler Ruhrststrasse 9 57078 Siegen Tel. 0271 770016-16 fax 0271 770016-29 company portrait: others advertise. “We make: gotta have this!” psv marketing. The brand

Technical University

The new University course management for engineers & technicians at March 04, 2011 starts at the continuing education center of the Technical University of Vienna for the first time the postgraduate university course management for technicians – corporate governance and legal aspects’. People with technical and scientific background have acquired a problem-solving skills in their training that they soon enables teams to lead and manage projects, “so Univ.Prof. Dr. Adolf Stepan. The more successful the career home runs, the sooner you should consider, what responsibility on the other hand takes over the management”. The economic responsibility for the performance of the company here, the positions of project management and business leadership differ from the principle only the personal risk a new dimension now gets little. Individual responsibility in the project will be replaced by an overall responsibility in the company. Of these The continuing education center developed based on requirements TU a university course, to graduates of technical scientific studies to the requirements as to prepare CEO Vienna.

Management competence for executives apart from creativity, intuition and technical expertise are managing director liability, bankruptcy and labour law, tax law and tax law only some of the matters that now in addition to determine the action”, as the course Director of the postgraduate program further. But also the access to important business information systems change in leadership positions. Controlling must be well designed for the needs of the management. In addition to these legal and economic aspects, the postgraduate programme includes a module to human resource management. Because a Managing Director above all which belongs to the abilities of a Managing Director, in addition to the strategic human resources planning and communication with the Works Council and the public Motivation of all employees away from divisions – or Gruppenegoismus. Because negotiation is the foil, before all this happens and makes visible results, a negotiation skills course block completes the University course.

Negotiating skills is essential, its presence is attributed to often mystical properties. You can learn much. New technology-supported methods to prepare negotiations and objectify the possible scope for good results”emphasizes Adolf Stepan. While studying the compressed time design of the course (24 lessons organized in weekend modules) is also the professional situation of the participants takes into account like. “Petra Aigner, Executive Director of the continuing education center, out: the tight schedule of executives makes it difficult often to work and study under a hat, for this reason we have deliberately very compact designed the course”. Learn more about this University course, see Contact: Technical University of Vienna like continuing education center.

Christmas Present

Give education and the customers of XnetSolutions KG protect the environment this year will get no Christmas gift – neither a cup for the desk have a calendar to the hang. Not even be hold a card in your hands. Because instead of sending gifts, the provider of IT security solutions donates the money better for an education project in Africa. This unusual idea customers already last year very well arrived, so this year is: customer gifts like mugs come the Lord establishments not in the (Christmas) bag. Rather well done”instead of just well intentioned”With the money so saved XnetSolutions supports the Munich Club Sterntaler for Africa”.

He gives children in Mali, one of the poorest countries in the world, a chance at education. With the help of donations such as those of XnetSolutions KG, built schools, teachers trained, and concerned teaching materials. This year the IT company that offers comprehensive security solutions, holds yet another surprise for your customers parat. Also the printing and shipping of classic Christmas cards will be completely waived, the Christmas greetings are sent only by E-Mail. It is not just the budget for the education project. It saves even valuable environmental resources. So the gifts are doubly good”. More information: XnetSolutions KG Annemarie Richter, marketing Baig str. 32, D-71083 mens mountain Tel.

Education Fair Horizon

Horizon – the trade fair for Bachelor and graduate training Berlin, grant in which should direction of professional s go after graduating? Which course is the best? And: where there the necessary information quickly and efficiently? The horizon, the fair for high school education, high school graduates, students and young professionals provides assistance nationwide. On October 22 and 23, the successful fair is held for the first time in Mannheim, Germany. There are roughly fifty universities, companies and consulting institutions and possibilities on the educational horizon. The range of studies and training courses was never as diverse as it is today. Wonder therefore, that some decisions decision making has student difficulty or don’t quite know how he should tackle this. Even parents who would like to advise, are overwhelmed because of the many changes in the study landscape in recent years: nothing works more as it has even experienced it! In the personal Representatives of universities, universities of applied sciences, dual universities and companies can be obtained details on the subjects and courses, to College, to the admission requirements and the prospects information and consultation sessions with the hands to partners at the exhibition stands.

So some reason for a consciously selected and informed career planning was laid at the horizon. Not every high school senior has lust or the force, after successfully passing ABI-tur directly studying or training to begin meaningful ways to fill a waiting or standby time, be shown also on the horizon: A voluntary service or a stay abroad is good for the formation of personality and is very good on the resume. Who already knows in which direction we are going, is well advised to make, to visit the exhibition with specific detail questions smart in advance of the visit on the horizon of the exhibitors and the range of information and as many answers to get to the individual questions: under, mannheim is the list of exhibitors as well as the programme to find. Lectures, workshops, and hearings with experts on topics such as funding your studies, the different types of voluntary services or MINT courses complement the information provided at the stands. The employment agency offers a special Ser-vice for the visitors in the framework of the horizon: who his prepared application folder or only parts thereof as the CV or the famous page 3 “, brings the letter of motivation, can let free and non-bureaucratic consult and give suggestions for improvement.

In addition an application workshop will take place on Sunday, 23 October, at 13: 00: cover letter, CV and co. are discussed together in detail. Registration is not required! The horizon in Mannheim will be held on 22 and 23 October 2011 in the Mannheim rose garden. It is both on Saturday and on Sunday from 10 till 16 h opened. The admission is free.