Original Tibetan Goji

Only the original Tibetan Goji berries from Worldfruit are certified by the Tibetan Medical College and in the Himalayas harvested Hamburg, July 16, 2009 scientific studies prove: the Goji Berry contains more vitamins and minerals than any other fruit. Others who may share this opinion include Journal of Teacher Education. It is therefore for good reason as a power Berry and loved by celebrities such as Kate Moss, Madonna, Brooke Shields. But not in each Goji Berry is also the full power: only original Tibetan Goji berries, sold here in Germany by the Hamburg-based company Worldfruit, come from the Tibetan Himalayas. Exclusively on the mountain peaks over 2000 meters high, the original Tibetan Goji berries develop its high content of antioxidants and beta carotene, that make the Super Berry into something very special. Many companies that import Goji berries from China, claim that Goji are not commercially grown berries in Tibet. And they are right: the original Tibetan Goji berries that naturally grow in the heights of the Himalayas 1. Recently the veterinary investigation agency Stuttgart noted that Chinese Goji berries are the fruit with increased exposure to pesticides. Not so the original Tibetan Goji berries: monks and peasants reap the wild grown and therefore untreated berries and let dry on bamboo and rice mats in the Tibetan mountain air.

The Chinese Goji are bred especially berries, however, lowland plantations for export. The difference between the Chinese berries and the original Tibet Gojis is comparable to that between aqueous plantations strawberries and forest fruits\”, says Antony Jacobson, founder of the Tibet authentic\”. Only Tibet authentic berries imported from the pristine foothills of the Himalayas from Tibet to Germany. That certified the Tibetan Government and the Tibetan Medical College. The Hamburg-based company Worldfruit got exclusively the Tibet authentic berries after Germany. Problem Berry from China the original Tibetan Goji berries keep so, what its name promises: you are the only berries available in Germany out of the are the world’s most pristine regions.