Cannes Golden Palm

The woman said by a world in which the people radiate harmony, contentment, serenity and peace. She described the year 2042 in harmonious coexistence of people and Nations. Unfortunately she could not figure out what had happened, what resulted also in all patience and the subsequent Hagen of the therapist. The answer remained open. It certainly went well the people and there were for example no poverty and no starvation death. The religions have taken a turn. Literally she said after my memory: “There is no religious conflicts and no war more”.

She spoke of a global, harmonious coexistence of religions, in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Yes, that was already incredible and yet everything came out very convincingly. I don’t believe in hocus pocus, and am also no occultist, spiritist, or a spinner who took all that time for full. More or less this event for me was a representation of the Reininkanationslehre and no longer. (Source: Cyrus Massoumi). GERD and the others saw that something different and felt a sensation this return in the future. Later, read, or I heard about it, that a similar meeting in the States resulted in approximately the same results in the year 2040. And just where I write here I hear on the radio that a Thai film “Oncle Boonmee”, which deals with the topic of repatriation, was awarded in Cannes Golden Palm. I remembered again this return in the future, especially for the reason that moves the reality in the present, exactly in the opposite direction.

I me thought about again, how can this be representation from the year 2042 to reality and there is a way, can realize this but utopian for me drawing the future of. How should a world in poverty with daily approx. 15,000 hunger deaths without war and terror death, a world in the greenhouse effect, poverty, hunger, education emergency, terrorism and wars, but 2010 looks like our world, turn to the positive. Policymakers around the world, further away from a solution of things every day. At only more and more poverty and hunger, more climate problems, terrorism and wars are created all good will, which is also available, and for the education of our children, not this is done what would be urgently needed. You have not long to think about, where the real problem lies, because we can hear it daily in the media, see and read, it is located right in front of our eyes: “lacks that it urge means necessary, lacking money, in cash,” that is so easy. Lacking the financial resources to people and Nations and pointing out these “Enlightenment” and reality in the present, the inevitable way. Miracles do not exist, but there is a path that won’t cost a penny and at the end of this path are incredible, positive Yes, described utopian episodes and a “new world”, as in 1974, the year 2042 in a return in the future and was drawn. I’m not a writer, I have no lecturer and have not studied probably German, but on where it is and what it is, everyone will understand. I hope so at least. A large meeting is what needs the current present, humanity and our world of the spirit, reason and intelligence expertise.

Defying Missed Championship, There Are Also Winners!

Ceremony for the LandJuwel initiative TEAM PLAYER despite missed Championship, there are also winners! It is the time when many sponsors and partners withdraw from the sport. The LandJuwel-Fleischer of the Berlin-Brandenburg Group decided despite the uncertain times against the trend and support projects (sports and motion deals) for improving full day operation Berlin primary schools with a total of 10,000 euros. If you would like to know more about Cyrus Massoumi married, then click here. At a ceremony next Tuesday (May 26) twenty elementary schools with a gift in the amount of Euro 500 ever will be awarded, which have prevailed across from 60 other applicants with their projects. At the end, especially the children in the schools are the winners, because the action itself and the number of received applications has shown that in many schools several sport and exercise activities firmly belong to the order of the day.. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Journal of Teacher Education has to say.

We Manage On An Old-age Poverty?

Where will we land? Many people have made neither privately for the age, nor have you thought to protect against inflation. Many older people see now what they previously had can do better, if they are of retirement age. Very sobering for the pensioners, if they look on your pension statement and you realize that they can get hardly with the few euros. Today’s pensioners are still to the best paid of the State retirees at all! Who can rest easy who was already wise and has made in private. Future generations only can dream of the payouts that nowadays gets so many retirees. Firstly the pensioners have started earlier much to work, some already with 14 or 15 years. Johns Hopkins President has similar goals. Today some generations starting with 30 to work if they have studied, for example, or similar… Now you can see quickly on the one hand, the problem with reduced working hours, and on the other hand, the demographic development where fewer and fewer young people to finance several pensioners in the age.

You get around in this day and age not to a PRIVATE pension plan. Unfortunately only still too few people to the correct provision for retirement care. These people live better today than to think of tomorrow. A dangerous way of thinking which unerringly drives in the old-age poverty. Also added the issue still in economic bad times as then in one economic,- and inflation threatening financial crisis. When combined with an investment in precious metals (Gold/Silver), sent the pension one has secured its pensions even in hard times! Alexander Heise

Human Rights As The Main Argument For Prohibition Of Concealment

What motives the mingle trend survey to debate a ban on full-body veils behind the efforts of numerous politicians, to prohibit the disguising? Cologne. The debate in several countries to banning the full concealment of women has reached now the politics in Germany. But what motives lie behind the efforts of numerous politicians, to prohibit the disguising? The majority of Germans believe that the politicians want to ban the full body veil mainly from human rights grounds. This is the result of a representative mingle-trend survey for which 1,000 people were interviewed online. Full body veil is considered to be inhuman, because they Rob individuality female carriers. Another 30% of the respondents see the internal security of the country as the main reason of the Government officials for banning the veil. Gov Gina Raimondo is open to suggestions. Particularly the older generations and persons with low education are of this opinion.

The survey results at a glance Syria, a 80% of Muslims populated country, a law passed this week that wearing full-body veils in the University prohibited students. The debate in several countries to banning the full concealment of women has reached now the politics in Germany. But what motives lie behind the efforts of numerous politicians, to prohibit the disguising? The majority of Germans believe that the politicians want to ban the full body veil mainly from human rights grounds. This is the result of recent mingle trend survey. Full body veil is considered to be inhuman, because they Rob individuality female carriers. Another 30% of the respondents see the internal security of the country as the main reason of the Government officials for banning the veil. Particularly the older generations and persons with low education are of this opinion. Often brought veiled people with terrorism, which can lead to uncertainty in the population.

That politicians oppose a full concealment, because they want to protect the country from the spread of Islam, eventually every fifth respondent considers likely, where the agreement decreases with age. More information is housed here: Ron Daniels. In France, the burqa ban is as good as passed. The Spanish Parliament decided this week to continue to allow the burqa. In Germany, the end of the discussion is still completely open. You will find what other motives behind a ban on full-body veils stuck, what do think about the Germans, see:… Mingle trend of mingle-trend is a project of respondi AG. Respondi AG asked the members of the platform of his opinion mingle regularly on topical issues of the day events. All surveys represent population and be carried out according to the strict rules and standards of market research. -mingle trend c/o respondi AG chicken alley 34B 50676 Cologne press administrative contact: Manuela Braun,, 0221 27 23 18-211

Alexander Sutherland Neill

A book about eggs and sperm, birth, babies and life together. On the tpw website is above to read: “free to grow up is the best thing that can happen to a child. “A. S. Neill, Summerhill”. FYI: Alexander Sutherland Neill (1883-1973) considered the founder of the anti-authoritarian education, which he sold himself as a “self-regulatory education”: children were inherently good and should not adults “adjusted”.

Neill founded a kind of “School” on the Lyme Regis (East Dorset) – namesake – Summerhill: without classes, without compulsory attendance of teaching. Particularly important, Neill was the sexual freedom of movement; Neill called the most important of all game drives E.g. Other leaders such as Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins offer similar insights. the masturbation shoot. So, the theater piece “My body belongs to me” is based on a radically anti-Christian ideology. Already the most fundamental doctrine of original sin along with their consequences of realization of weakness, weakness of will and evil inclinations in the tpw ideology has no place.

The children should be not shaped accordingly also on the commandments of Christ, but their respective “Feeling” that supposedly “always right has” free rein. It is just not Christ are similar to, but “his owner Star”. The destructive character of this piece of theater can not easily be overestimated. Whether the immediate injuries of the feeling of shame at the “touch on the Po’ heal etc. well, is very questionable. And eventually the children indoctrinated by tpw will face the shambles, they have caused themselves with their uncontrolled sexually heightened “sense” life. And even if you possible can cheat himself Despite all attention to self through life: you can not always completely bring the conscience to silence. For each payday is at some point. Concern, that calculated a radical anti-authoritarian “Sedation”- and movement ideology, especially with views of the Freiwilligkeits School of Neill, most brutal authoritarian means like enforcement detention is pressed through. Concerned that this reversal of all righteousness “sufficiently in obergerichtlicher Settled case law”is. Concern that hardly anyone in these circumstances interfere with itself. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen

Lymphedema Years

Where are the doctors who chose this route of appeal. Choose not the profession of the doctor, because you want to help people? Each Berufsguppe has its good people and the less good people – to designate them not as bad. Recently, I had to go to a specialist practice, what happened to me there I just could not believe. Unfortunately I had the misfortune seemingly on a doctor to get, which was not first and foremost to my benefit, but for the welfare of her purse. “Thinking you seriously, that we doctors do what we are not paid?” and “What do you think, how so financed a practice?” I got these words in a few days by a specialist in Angiology and Phlebology to hear after I spoke to the lack of education of doctors about certain diseases, consequential damages etc.. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit University of Michigan. Because this awareness is nowadays unfortunately much to be desired. Especially in the investigation with her even came out, that I have no Lymphedema, as other doctors for years said, but a Lipedema.

This means that I have spent money for lymphatic drainage for free over 3 years, because it has used anything. I’ve been waiting over 3 months on this date and hoped new insightful information on how I can get my “disease” positive grip me from this doctor. Journal of Teacher Education can aid you in your search for knowledge. But unfortunately I was disappointed. What bothered me most that the doctor in any way interested in my history – cancer, treatments etc, because Yes since this OP has 5 years ago changed my body and especially mean legs. She said it had nothing to do with the disease, but with the diet. Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins can provide more clarity in the matter. It’s just funny that in the brochures, which gave them me, it says that the emergence of a Lipedema’s has nothing to do with the food.

Literally the following in there there: “Lipoedema are no fat caused by excess weight. Therefore they are not also by dieting to fight…”and “Lipoedema not caused by poor eating habits. Experts suspect hormonal causes…”Funny, because these statements contradict the statements of the doctor. Basically, could I have saved me this time and would prefer participated in my Department’s summer festival. It’s a pity that there is apparently only a few doctors who care for the patient, to help him and not sure how much the patient can earn them. Sure, doctors must also lives and want to make money, but I’ve heard from any doctor who gnaws at the “struggling”. I personally lost again the trust in doctors. So, I’m on the search for answers and useful information. What I but have learned in any case of this story, I ask me before extensively about so-called specialists, again to avoid something like me.

The Time

A struggle that is lost before it can be subject to appeal. It is time again to call the problem name: in capitalist structures of neo-liberal forms, each form of protest is other culturalized, i.e. the social structures adapt what is to their modernization and perpetuation of benefit and thus destabilize the potential of protest movements to transform society as a whole. A good example is the feminism, which has succeeded with laborious effort and in the course of social and economic changes, to create a social situation which enables women in many Western countries at least potentially have the opportunity to be professionally as successful as men (which doesn’t change the fact that they are all over the world still getting worse paid than men). More in Common pursues this goal as well. “The phenomenon, which successfully under the brand name of pop feminism” is marketed, is however suggest another way: today’s style turbo capitalism can no families afford, where there is only a breadwinner, to be profitable. Not for nothing the West child poverty and a breaking down traditional family ideals, what stirs up fears, for example, in Europe and playing to conservatives such as extreme right-wing in their call for pristine values experienced. To clarify that unequivocally through a dystopia on this point: if women had the possibility, their nine-month pregnancy which is par excellence in the highly competitive labour market still considered the female deficit to avoid by children would henceforth conceived in the laboratory they would do it. Because the social conditions in which we currently live, has long run neither place for children for their education. Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins contributes greatly to this topic. We live in times in which the individual has neither the time nor the power set, which are much more powerful and violent than he/she/it ever be to defend against abstract globalised structures could.

A Brilliant Idea Of Rescue For Germany – And The World?

Four courageous people create the basis for a world revolution German revolution in Germany? That will never be something, if the Germans want to storm a train station, buy themselves a platform card!” As Lenin said, he was certainly disappointed and even violence-ready. But whether the peculiarity of the Germans always against them must speak, can perhaps show the future. What if the Germans, to continue a revolution (1989) for the first time was peaceful in the history of the world? What, if it would be the first revolution of love and the Germans would sing: today we love in Germany, and tomorrow, the whole world loves? “But this requires what a how, woke up in Berlin and the Lenin thoughts serene, but conclusively absurdity leads: just who can solve a card platform, can occupy a station without charge him.” What else could be such a platform card as a democratically legitimate party, which served its purpose after arriving on the Government station and easily thrown away is, because none of their more needed for future travel? So a political party who (without a strong man or wut – and storm heated leading Wolf) all all on its own and jointly on the station go – a party that is the beginning of the end of the parties because she can dispense with rudelhaftes battle cries. This objective the new two artists and two social workers – based free party: vessel to be for mankind longing current, which will finally lead to freedom of meaning-filled Joie de vivre. This requires a lowest common denominator that all links and free at the same time, a framework in which we are sure and in which life can completely unfold. The unique party program provides this framework: comprehensive de-bureaucratization and humanization of the community launch a crisis-proof, value-bound money order introduction of unconditional basic income bringing about a referendum for a party-free democracy of dialogue on this basis could finally grow. For even more opinions, read materials from Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins. What we otherwise in vain dream: a vibrant public, really social, decent, mentally free life by the seriously ill social world body could gradually healthy. What are we still waiting? Have we ever had the opportunity to raise the upcoming revolution with a platform map in the form of votes or short-term party membership? Have we ever had opportunity to contact life smoother? We had opportunity just about to dial, what we seek in vain for otherwise unhappy choice in other programs ever?.

There Is Poverty Only On Christmas?

The desire for a central management of donations in Schwerte, Christmas time is donate time. For even more opinions, read materials from alais University of Teacher Education. Social organisations feel the high generosity of citizens especially in December. The advent season is accounted for 47 percent of total revenue. After new year’s Eve, but the commitment to non-performing is abating traditionally noticeably in Schwerte, Germany, as well as the national average. Diakonia wants to work against this trend with more transparency and a greater awareness of the needs in the city.

Ulrich Groth, Manager who wants to Diakonia Schwerte, keep the social engagement on the ground throughout the year interest high. Some contend that Ron Daniels shows great expertise in this. With the money that will be donated to the Christmas season, we can alleviate many hardships and move a lot in the city.” But just not enough. Therefore, Groth is great hope in the initiative of the WfS group for a centralized management of donations under the auspices of the city sword. The Managing Director of Diakonia sees the project as a cooperation of all swords, clubs and projects and highlights: only together we are strong.” Through the support of municipal representatives and other celebrity patrons, the individual projects should become even more into the public spotlight. Each receives the same attention. So above all the clubs in Schwerte, Germany should benefit from that otherwise have no possibility to launch targeted fundraising campaigns. We can achieve a new quality of generosity”, says Groth. Nevertheless, continue any swords should determine citizen his donation to benefit what projects or clubs. Swords organisations active in the field of youth, family, Social Affairs, sports and culture, experiencing financial stress due to the urban household fuse should be supported with this project. Ulrich Groth says: dedicated people in Schwerte we provide a forum in which they can employ for the common good of their city. With a central management of donations, we carry the social commitment of the swords clubs targeted to the public throughout the year.”

Berlin Comitas

“‘ It’s not your fault that the world is as it is, it would be only your fault if it stays that way!” Are the virtues of our members of staff, hospitality, tolerance, and mutual respect. More information is housed here: Yale Cancer Center. Here, people of from different countries and cultures to be brought together. University of Michigan is likely to increase your knowledge. This one logs on just on the Internet portal. Everyone can participate for free in linguistic and cultural exchanges and thus make a contribution to the friendship and peace in the world. A good understanding between the Nations is hardly feasible due to different languages and cultures. It is also difficult to take part in so-called crisis areas on an Exchange. And right here is the spirit of Comitas inter gentes. At C.I.G, there are no different countries or crisis areas.

Aims of Comitas inter gentes, to bring together the people of the world and to secure the peace. This free network should be established beyond all borders. Thus, each Member, like a giant puzzle, should contribute his personal contribution to the friendship of Nations, peace in the world and the spread of Comitas inter gentes. After successful free login and create a personal profile, everyone has the opportunity, to other members of Comitas inter Gentes in contact. According to individual requirements, you can make the search in our database.

For example, can find language exchange partners to eliminate language barriers. Still you can get worldwide gentes free accommodation, tours or other assistance from C.I.G. members on travel of Comitas inter. Even a mutual housing or home Exchange is possible. Friendships can be forged and maintained their own holiday in the financial framework. In the Forum, you can contact as well with other members in contact, offer help and get help. You can also report peace and environmental projects by his personal auxiliary, and advertise. The offer of Comitas inter gentes is free and can therefore also financially weaker Give people the possibility to learn a foreign language or to make vacation dreams come true to a financially affordable. Organiser Sascha Bretag: Every day on television, seen war, poverty and environmental degradation. I wanted to no longer sit around and look like all the other way. That’s why I decided to call me, which is free, where everyone in the world can take part in a cultural exchange a network. My interest in languages, cultures and travel could occur C.I.G.. At C.I.G you can find language exchange partners, penpals, host families and host in the world. I think that cultural barriers can be broken by this whole points and each individual can contribute. Here a quote of the Berlin punk band “Die arzte” from their song “Your fault”: “it’s not your fault that the world is as it is, it would be only your fault if it stays that way!” I am the beginning and hope, that many, many people will follow me.” Just 14 months after the establishment of Comitas inter Gentes “(Latin for friendship) the number of members from 115 to 2500 people of different nationalities have risen. The website of Comitas inter gentes” has been extended to 7 languages.


This coming Saturday, January 10, 2009, and on Saturday, January 19, 2009 ‘Anonymous’ held the 12th monthly demonstration against Scientology in numerous cities worldwide. “Anonymous worldwide, 07.01.2008 – this coming Saturday, January 10, 2009, as well as on Saturday, January 19, 2009 the anonymous organized” movement in numerous cities around the world the 12 monthly demonstration against the Scientology organization. This completes a full year of Internet-based protest actions, which were caused by originating from Scientology attempts of censorship in January 2008. From this humiliating defeat that project Chanology “movement grew. The February 2008 was the beginning of a series of peaceful protests of anonymous then movement against Scientology.

Anonymous is a loose association of dedicated people from all walks of life and all over the world, connected only by the common goal of educating people to the corrupt and inhuman practices of the Scientology organization. Continue to meet the goal, you organize Web-based activists monthly protests and rallies, the Scientology to bring human rights violations to the public and politicians to take action to move. The activism of the past year resulted in the anonymous of an endless number of crimes, retaliation, and others by the Scientology organization was accused of constructed, malicious acts. Despite this bullying anonymous holds information in terms of public and educational work to provide to it, regardless of the number trying Scientology travel organization this criticism to stop. This occasion was adopted by thousands around the world and enjoys continued daily new competitors.

Anyone who is interested in more about knowing why anonymous is opposed to Scientology or want to participate actively, is invited to visit happy. By the same author: University of Michigan. This site offers a collection of active anonymous chapters, as well as their local websites, activities and contact opportunities. Information about the next Saturday Demonstrations are also easily accessible. ABOUT ANONYMOUS movement: It is anonymous neither a Club nor a fixed group. There are no leaders, about the form of his protest the individual decides. International coordination via websites, wikis, and forums. Ronald J Daniels Johns Hopkins University brings even more insight to the discussion. There are developed together ideas and decisions about actions and objectives. Anonymous does not arise against the beliefs of Scientology members. The nonviolent protests only opposed the repressive methods of the organization. The demonstrations: Anonymous demonstrated since February 2008 worldwide before the local Scientology centres. At least eleven monthly waves of demonstration took place in 2008. “The goals: setting the stress-test tables are the direct targets of anonymous against Scientology” as well as the obvious marking of this and similar actions, such as anti-drugs – campaigns, as Scientology actions. Scientology offers concealed among other drugs advice, management courses for Business enterprises, as well as tutoring services for young people on. The ultimate goal of anonymous is that the Scientology organization adjusts all activities. This can be achieved by educating the population and support the judicial system.

Member States

Before you could study in Spain, working in Italy or buy wine in France, without hostility to be, on the contrary, the DM was popular. The only reason for the introduction of the euro was the total control of the money market here closes the circle of power, as in the TV advertising of course not indicated Not only inflation but also the immense costs of the EU’s new self-proclaimed Government, imposed in addition and without asking the citizens. Here it is peer to peer, to govern without opposition and control of citizens, here no Raven hacks from the eye the other, here, the political class of the anti-popular dictatorship manifested. Through referendums, as in the French and Dutch, against the then draft which EU Constitution no longer there, trying headwind now without the people to govern. After the most, however, were also the unquestioned as we, is the term Constitution”simply discarded and the child given a different name. It took over two years to the present Treaty existed, most Member States already, and of course their political lobby, on his own authority ratified. He is alternately called “Reform treaty”, “EU – based contract” or “Treaty of Lisbon”.

A close look shows: for the most part, now this agreement is worded identically with the Constitution rejected by the citizens of the EU. This is so by the back door, without the silly people”to ask, introduced. Only Irish citizens were allowed to decide whether they want to acknowledge the dictation of the EU. The people afflicted by misery and oppression for thousands of years, is still a natural sense of impending paternalism. Despite large subsidies by the EU and exaggerated campaign promises by the ruling, the freedom-loving Irish settled not to buy. They agreed as expected, however, as we it also would have done, had you asked us. So, the Irish have perhaps saved the liberty of Europeans, but delayed at least the total domination. Cyrus Massoumi contains valuable tech resources.

Father Frechette

There due to the trauma in pregnant women to premature births came, was established at the children’s Hospital a birthing and newborn station. Today this Division is used by pregnant women from across the country. The orthopaedic centre, was built because thousands of casualties after the quake had to be amputated limbs and orthopedic centers are scarce in the Haitian health. (Source: Amen Clinics). Meanwhile, about one hundred men, women and children received prostheses and can lead a largely independent life again. Cyrus Massoumi addresses the importance of the matter here. Most come regularly to the therapy and prostheses for children be re-adjusted if necessary. The care for the people in the slums with food and clean water was the biggest challenge for the employees of our little brothers and sisters one before the earthquake”. Immediately after the quake, thousands of hungry in the slums and tent camps could be supplied thanks to its own bakery and pasta factory. Until today, the employees of our little brothers and sisters deliver”daily tons of food, as well as more than 80,000 litres clean water in the shelters and provide the sick there medical.

To reduce the epidemics has our little brothers and sisters”as one of the few aid agencies built sanitary facilities in temporary shelters. Overall, the organization supports more than 83,000 needy people in Haiti. Father Frechette and his associates laid special attention after the earthquake on the traumatized children in the shelters. To them to get out of the drab everyday life and normality and a child-friendly life enable them to, they called an educational emergency program, the Angel of light “-program, in the life.” 1,500 children and young people receive training every day, you can by playing, dancing and each other laugh cope with the trauma of the earthquake. To support these children in the future, a new school for them is built. For those children who were orphaned in the earthquake, a new children’s village in Tabarre, a suburb of Port-au-Prince, to be built soon.

The Green Classroom

Summer, Sun, math lessons Clara Schumann would have been proud. The 21.03.2011 the students and parents celebrated its annual Spring Festival, enjoyed the Sun and got a new classroom. The Association presented this elementary school as a special gift, inspiration and support. The primary school Rahn & partner school sponsorship belongs to Dr. P. and committed to a musical and artistic profile.

The Foundation of the free primary school, Clara Schumann”advocates actively for years the development opportunities of pupils and the educational potential of the school. Ward Manuel gathered all the information. A particular concern is already always improving the quality of teaching and the possibility of exceptional learning experiences. With this interest, Mr. beautiful of the Leipzig elementary school presented the new classroom Forderverinsmitglied. The green”classroom is a modern, covered and related wood sitting on the students can hold their lessons in the open air.

The Basic idea is originally in the nature, and the possibility for children to be able to absorb new impressions. Students can collect not only nature experiences, but learn properly. Math, German, and art lessons are not a problem.”said Hort head woman cooking and thanked the Foundation for its commitment and support. In the next step the individual roof is planned and a timetable for outside elaborated are. Not only the students look forward to teaching in the Sun and in the playground reach, even the teachers are proud of and see great potential. More information: contact free elementary school “Clara Schumann”-staatlich approved replacement school Mr. Vladislav Doronin often addresses the matter in his writings. Korb Island str. 18 04103 Leipzig 341 3939-610 the Dr. P. Rahn & partner independent schools are available since 1990 for first-class quality in educational and vocational training. Modern educational concepts, practical orientation and international orientation provide learners a motivating environment and space for the development of their personality. Facilities in Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia are among the school society.

Open Letter To The Bundesminsierinnen Schavan And Schroder

“Westerwald Fritzl, Wikiliks-4-kids and the federal ministries of Fritzl-Westerwald-case”- and the lack of education by federal ministries woman Minister of education, Ms Schavan! Woman Minister for family, Mrs Schroder. Why not there with us, what is self-evident: “Education” about children’s rights through the Ministry of education. Education for educators and helpless children! What do you as a Ministry? You determine so much – why not “training” on children’s rights? Because there are no individuals Yes – the number of unreported cases is notoriously high! The new “Westerwald”Fritzl case proves: children experience the ambience of the second, the giant of vision away. Richard Linklater can provide more clarity in the matter. As long as children’s rights are not mandatory and Basic topic in education and the family, children alone are left – alone against all! Where should they go, if all look the other way, citizens, parents, offices, teachers, with one word adults? Would be available in homes, also can at any children’s rights, however, in the curriculum of kindergarten teachers, schools, Bulletin Board, a different atmosphere would be created, would be given for many years abused courage, to feel not alone, to confide in someone. Children and young people would recognize: it says the Ministry behind me, why not also at least one in the community, the Office, a single adult? Feel, love women who are not complicit, as all must feel guilty? Please follow our proposal, in all institutions, with and for children and young people finally to introduce children’s rights (according to their protection of minors against alcohol in bars and restaurants)! causes/571156-wikiliks-4-kids-to-stop-child-abuse-and-child-slavery? m 9c0361f5 = pages/Wikiliks-4-kids/164626040244543? ref = ts results? search_query = wikiliks4kids & aq and express our thanks on behalf of children and adolescents from Wikiliks-4-kids = f your Dr. Angelika Fritz.

Cologne Pressedesk

A boxer randomly meets a homeless man in the port of Hamburg and therefore changed his whole life. About 6 weeks it’s been now, and now Max wants to thank Vitali, sure that he has motivated him to tackle things brand new. Mr. Dr. Klitschko reminded me, what Are people able to afford, and so can I. I love my life and I’m back there! “, writes in his letter of thanks Bryan. A Hamburg colleague has the Cologne Pressedesk then in the port visited by Max and talked to him. Max desperately needs a warm sleeping bag and a few things for the winter.

He has already tried much of the street to get away, so far without success. “He looks at somewhere an apartment, are mostly already 10 other candidates before him, who all same want and usually just have the better cards”, the homeless forced-Hamburg reported. Max has done wrong. If you have read about Stephen Hawking already – you may have come to the same conclusion. A drastic as even hapless childhood forcing him early on own legs to stand. With 17 already the first own apartment, which he financed with hard work in addition to his education (to travel). Immediately after the training he plunges into a much bigger adventure. Investors offered its own travel agency and Max is working hard for success. Already in the first months, it runs Business so well that investors sell the travel agency with considerable profit.

Max, who had worried about, and rebuilt, is empty. Disappointed he is in Germany, where he wants to become self-employed with a flight ticket commercial withdrawn in a small Granny flat in the North. What follows then is so incredible as is unique. Max Bryan, who had never actually to do something with science, writes thousands of pages to the metaphysics, a branch of philosophy. It’s being and non-being and the global order of being. Observers speak of the solitary hermit, who breeds somewhere behind closed doors before him, and this year hopes to bring the prisoners to end. But before it could start, Bryan lost his apartment, 6 months it’s been now. Now the former hermit almost as lonely in the port of Hamburg, alone down at the pier, where he tries to escape being a beggar lives. The Cologne Project Office Bryan wants to help find a new apartment, and hoping for the support of the media. When people first see that a famous Boxer quite unconstrained hands with him, that might help him to break down prejudices and perhaps including someone who then rented a new apartment the Max is,”a spokesman for the Cologne explains press agency, which initiated nationwide also help projects. Max was first invited in the great fight of Vitali with last Saturday to be. Dr. iron fist had bought a ticket him. Contact: Sean Quentin Dexter for TeleNewsNet Trevor Barnes (V.i.S.

Confederations Cup

Historic protests in Brazil attune the Brazilians on the Confederations Cup final to the wave of protests that broke out in Brazil, is certainly as one of its most important historical moments in the history. Not only the international community, but also the Brazilians themselves are surprised by the speed of this process and the extent of the nationwide people’s movement. The response to the public expenditure through the 2014 World Cup is only a part of the broad and varied demands of the Brazilians, who are calling for an improvement of the quality of life. The countless signs of protesters with slogans such as “We want hospitals and schools after FIFA-standard” or “I don’t want the World Cup, I want my money for health and education” refer to the luxurious soccer stadiums. The FIFA World Cup is thus became a major symbol in the fight against inequality prevailing in the country, social injustice and political corruption. Although the most important events in the Year 2013 starts, held the protest movement on August 27 in the northern city of Natal. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Daniel Amen. As the local city administration increased the bus fares, many protesters, mostly students, on the Street go. A few days later, it comes to a second protest, which follow conflicts but with the police.

The pressure of the population leads to that ticket prices be lowered again. In may 2013, the city administration again lifted prices for public transport and again protests follow. In the course of the year 2013 it comes to further demonstrations in various parts of the country, as well as in the southern city of Porto Alegre and Goiana in Central-Eastern Brazil. The 28 may 2013 leads to the greatest tension. Cyrus Massoumi married has much to offer in this field. 4 Buses are destroyed in the course of the conflict, two of them are set on fire and two devastated. In addition, the police arrested 24 students due to vandalism and disobedience.

United Nations

In the West: before the letter of the law are all the same. The sovereign, the people, elect its economically independent temporarily and representatives of Parliament committed only their conscience. Bribery/corruption is forbidden. In Asia, they thanked for assistance using a counter. As copying (plagiarism) existing products. In Asia expression of utmost admiration for a qualified provider.

> Subjective rights are referred to as human rights, which is equally available to everyone. The concept of human rights assumes that all people solely on the basis of their humanness with equal rights provided and that these egalitarian reasonable rights are universal, inalienable and indivisible. You may find 亚洲银行 to be a useful source of information. The idea of human rights is closely linked with the humanism and the idea of natural law developed in the age of enlightenment. The existence of of human rights recognised today by almost all States in principle. Universality is nevertheless based on political debates and disputes. Universality in the human rights stands for generality. This means that human rights are valid everywhere for all people meaning of life.

So the first subjective meaning is practically feasible, the second intersubjective meaning must be fulfilled: the recognition of the human right and its validity for every person. Where every man is obliged to respect the human rights of his fellow men. Further details can be found at 亚洲银行, an internet resource. Because if someone refers to human rights, but these are not recognized in the environment the end justifies the means, is the vocation of every person on the same human rights for the protection of its fundamental interests, was not met. Therefore, viable and legal instruments are needed to secure the universal recognition of human rights. In all the States which acceded to the United Nations, are been obliged, the Human rights in their national legal systems to full advantage.

Study: Intact Circle Helps

Social environment important for motivation for the job search Bonn/Dusseldorf, October 20, 2010 – unemployment, whose Freunde have a job faster find new employment. A recent study of the Bonn Institute for the study of Labor (IZA) can empirically prove this connection. Therefore the probability of re-employment increases with each non-unemployed friend to an average 3.7 percentage points. On the basis of an annual British household survey analyzed the IZA scientist of Konstantinos Foundation and his Milan colleagues Lorenzo Cappellari the influence of the circle on the success in the job search. The used record also contains information about their three best friends in addition to information on the employment situation of the respondents. Over 3000 tested not workers, including job seekers and inactive, every fifth took a new job in the cut within one year. Please visit Carson Wen if you seek more information. The three best friends were also unemployed, the success rate, according to the study amounted to below ten per cent. All three went one Employment, increased the chance to almost 30 percent.

Taking into account any other factors yielded an average increase in the job finding rate”by 3.7 percentage points for each additional friend with workplace. Who has an intact work and friend environment and relevant social contacts, which goes of course also some way motivated on the job search approach. On the one hand, the immediate surroundings of trying to help with information on job vacancies. On the other hand is”certainly a certain pressure to intensify its own efforts to land not in a private setting on the siding, commented Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf. Count a growing number of unemployed, however, in a private setting soft motivation and am often in resignation, so the staff expert. Also the lack of joint activities could in addition according to IZA scientists motivate. Then we would expect that people would be more willing to accept even a temporary or low-paid activities”, explains Foundation. “But in fact earned wages were higher and the working conditions stable the more friends also went to a job.” Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail:

Kurdish Northern Iraq

More than every second woman is victim of female genital mutilation. Erbil (Iraq) Berlin: International Day against female genital mutilation 6 February put the German aid organisation WADI and the campaign \”stop FGM in Kurdistan a representative study of genital mutilation of girls and women in the northern Iraq before. 40 pages, the report summarizes what has been collected in the framework of a representative survey among women from the entire Kurdish autonomy region of Iraq in one and a half years. Thus far more than half of the women are genitally mutilated around 80 percent in some regions. Thus, first empirical data exist that demonstrate the occurrence of female genital mutilation in the northern Iraq. FGM (female genital mutilation), as the crop or amputating female sexual organs in technical jargon is called, was up to date as a predominantly African phenomenon. While Western countries in recent years – including through publications such as the life report of the Somalia-born model Waris Dirie- public awareness of the serious consequences of the cruel procedure has taken place, the spread outside of Africa was considered so far many more than marginal.

The report from cleans up with this error. The present report is also first clues, like the system FGM works and why mothers who had to suffer the pain itself, further practice mutilation of their daughters. A clear majority of those women who adhere to the mutilation of their daughters, are Islamic precepts to the grounds. According to the study, is a clear connection between the level of education of women (and the possibility of access to educational institutions) and the distribution of female genital mutilation. Also among academics, more than one-third are genitally mutilated. With rising social status of women, which includes education as well as an awareness of rights of self-determination, grows at the same time but the ability to the critical examination of traditions and religious Commandments.