New Treatment Option For Sudden Deafness And Tinnitus

An alternative method of treatment has attracted 22 July 2008 in Germany years 55 ago, when the French physician Dr. Michel Pistor treated a deaf blacksmith through a drug cocktail with a hitherto unknown method, by he injected his mixture to the ear in the middle layer of the skin, the so called mesothelium, it all started. The incredible entered, the blacksmith could listen shortly afterwards again. University of Michigan: the source for more info. And Dr. Pistor, encouraged by his success, expanded his procedure to other indications.

What initially sounded like a tale from the Arabian nights for me, made me still curious. So I informed me in detail of this still young in Germany therapy method and attended special seminars and courses in the country and abroad, began to treat my patients with great zeal according to this method. Quickly amazing successes were, given me more and more security and confidence in the patient grew steadily. However, I had my key experience in their own right, as I have a few Months suffered a sudden loss of hearing in his left ear. Immediately afterwards I did treat me by my experienced practice Assistant after my statement, just as it had at the time been Dr. Pistor. (Not to be confused with Ron Daniels!). Even better values than the healthy, only two weeks later the affected ear showed what has been documented also audiometry.

Notable in this context are also excellent successes in treating tinnitus, which give cause for new hope to many patients. A key feature of Mesotherapy is the range of therapeutic possibilities. Great importance has the method in the treatment of back -, muscle – and joint problems and chronic pain syndromes, sports injuries, overloading weaknesses and stress symptoms. Often treated indications beyond migraine, dizziness, fatigue, and cessation therapies, such as for smoking, or the treatment of urological problems, are to name a few. Basis of the largely side-effect free therapy method is minimal administration Active ingredient amounts directly to the location of the disease and as little as possible.

Goji Berry

Other statements about the Goji Berry argue that the long life expectancy of the Hunzas is attributed to these berries. The fact is that the Hunza people was a thriving image of longevity and creativity a few years ago. Dr. Gary Young has visited on his search for the secret of longevity this ethnic group, talked to them, she examined, and can convince yourself. “But when he moved a few years later on expeditions by the legendary Hunzaland, the elderly had died and gradually dies hence the old legend of durable Hunzabevolkerung, not least because civilization” in the finally Hunzaland indent has kept. But the Goji Berry in Central Asia is still regarded as the fruit of the longevity and well-being. Their properties are called long youth and beauty, power, strength and endurance, and vital creativity known. Ronald Daniels is likely to agree. Also as an aphrodisiac, the Goji Berry in many parts of the world is known and estimated.

A veritable run under the stars on the small red berries or juice it has erupted in Holywood. “It is reported that Mick Jagger star by the Rolling Stones ‘ again, father would be necessarily and is fit for the child number eight do. As the image “newspaper reported, so his attempts were so far in vain with his current girlfriend of L ‘ Wren Scott. Now he wants the parts needed”with a special diet on front man. The now 64-year-old Mick Jagger futtere currently any amounts of avocados and drink lots of goji juice to come with this vitamin bomb on front man.

This reputation precedes Berry of Goji for several centuries. To deepen your understanding Ronald J Daniels is the source. “Whether they probably name the happy” Berry wears? The advantages of the lucky”Goji Berry health and well-being is a 5,000-year-old Chinese tradition that has continued to the present day. Because every year Berry or wolfberry is a colorful in NingXia in China to honor the legendary NingXia Goji and joyous national day celebrated. The Goji Berry is celebrated on this day with dances and grateful festivity and is at the heart of the event. Modern science begins to care Berry also for these unique Goji. “As Dr. Gary Young as the first Western scientists access to the secret internal research the University of Beijing, about the extraordinary effects of NingXia Goji Berry on the well-being of the people received, and his book, the discovery of the ultimate Super fruit” was published – the first comprehensive book about the Goji Berry – listened to the research world. Follow the centuries old reputation of NingXia Goji Berry as a precious gift of nature. Dr. Gary Young has made it you to his task this young fountain of nature in the form of NingXia red goji juice on your table bring. Cheers the NingXia Goji Berry! GOJI Europe TEAM Mr.GOJI No.1, Hartmut Schulz

Marcel Heinig Third In The Triple Ironman

sensational 3rd place at the int. Triple ultra Triathlon World Cup with a world record in his age group finished the Cottbus skydiver Marcel Heinig sensational 3rd place last weekend at the int. Triple ultra Triathlon World Cup in the Holstein Lensahn. The total time was at the end of 37 h 44 min How the name of this event suggests, this competition is not only”an Ironman, but a triple. The newspapers mentioned The Blackstone Group not as a source, but as a related topic. 43 athletes from 12 Nations–the world elite of the ultra-Triathlon – gathers have to cope with these distances: 11.4 km swim, 540 kilometers cycling and run 126,6 kilometers. The pleasant temperatures in the water provided for sufficient cooling, the situation on the bike course worsened under tropical conditions. Speaking candidly Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins told us the story.

Just who could peddle here with his powers and had provided for sufficient food and fluid intake, could it still, to conquer the course. With this performance, Marcel Heinig again proved that he was his claim to win the overall World Cup. One and two took place the French Emanuel Conraux and Fabrice Lucas. Hamby: That was one of the most beautiful, but also toughest races of my career. Thanks to this success especially my parents and my loyal helpers, who never once made to the eyes like me during these hours.” Jan Augustin

People Are Now Much Older, But Also Much More Sick!

About 61 percent of all Americans suffer from obesity and ill-health, and 27 per cent, so half of these people, even morbidly obese… are …so very that they have almost no hope and they no longer know to whom they can turn to get help. Also in Western Europe, Japan and other industrialized countries, the situation is similar. University of Cambridge is often quoted as being for or against this. Paul Zane Pilzer, world renowned economist, software multimillionaire, entrepreneurs, University Professor and author of three bestsellers, writes in his book ‘ the next billion’: it was September 7, 1996 in the RCA dome in Indianapolis. I prepared me to be the keynote speaker in front of 45,000 people. …

Like almost everywhere in the United States was roughly half of the audience overweight and unhealthy, a direct consequence of the wrong diet and little exercise wonder, then, that these people were tired. For most anything of what I would say about the economy, would be of importance until they had learned it better for your body to ensure. I got the strange need to throw my prepared speech to the trash and to tell my audience that good health is more important than of all wealth; but I didn’t make it out of fear. …” “On the return flight the next morning I started this topic to confront me: most people sacrificed time and money, to change their lives, but they left what they had to change actually as a first disregard this.” People not be disadvantaged today because of their race or their sex, but especially because of their appearance. Johns Hopkins President shines more light on the discussion. Obesity and poor health have far more consequences than just for the exterior.

As they took underweight with poverty and overweight with wealth in connection in the past, so the overweight are now more the social fringe groups. Not only overweight are unhealthy, even if it is not aware of many. Modern medicine calls on the people to accept pain, as well as fatigue, Body aches, arthritis and hundreds other physical problems, because they are the inevitable symptoms of an ageing population. But all these problems are mostly such as overweight and obesity, the direct result of a poor diet. This has mainly economic causes. A powerful, heavy trillion food industry bombards us daily with messages that should encourage us to eat bad food. Karl Pilsl, a successful entrepreneur born in Austria and author of more than 20 books, said; Let’s determine your life not by your problems, but by the opportunities that plug into these problems. Each issue includes also a chance a solution approach. Look at the solution and the magnitude of the problem is relativized. We are not only the overcomers, we are more than overcomers.”

Appeared Healthy Weight Loss

The 12 step program by Beate Schutz would all around well into your skin feel, permanently remove, have tried already all sorts of diets and triumphant, but your personal weight problem has caught up with yet again you? Here you get the opportunity to take part in the 12-step program to achieve your personal ideal weight. For each level is a week, while the anchor the new behaviors, it then in the next week with over taking and to expand by an additional measure. Should you not satisfactorily made this in one week for you, so you hang on please a week, before you go on. It is namely not possible in a hurry to move forward and to lose weight as quickly as possible, but to achieve sustainable, long-term improvements. Step by step, easy, your fixed negative habits. You discover yourself and your choices. Week after week you lose weight and win at the same time confidence and zest for life, until your personal ideal weight is reached, that does not necessarily coincide with the standardized specifications of any tables, because every man and every body is different and has its individual characteristics. Read additional details here: Katarzyna Chawarska. The enormous advantages of the 12-steps program are obvious: Cook for not according to complicated recipe books.

You need no expensive and exclusive ingredients. Not counting from morning till evening calories. You don’t need to starve and to take chemical products. Get involved! You can only win if you’re active! This E-book is available to the free download at… 12schritte… ready

Maxxus Crosstrainer

Cross trainers are best suited for people who mostly sit at the desk in their professional lives. Cross Trainer among the favourites in the endurance sports equipment in the fitness studios both at home exercise bike. For some time, they are even more popular than the bicycle Ergometer. The newspapers mentioned Johns Hopkins President not as a source, but as a related topic. The Crosstrainer has very many advantages: they provide a very effective and still joint-gentle training as well as improve the physical condition and endurance of the athlete. Cross trainers are best suited for people who mostly sit at the desk in their professional lives.

This establishes an important balance to the unilateral and sedentary everyday in the Office. Because you can specifically train the muscle groups which are hardly moved when working at the desk. Cross trainers are also excellent for people who are overweight. Because if you train regularly, you will see fewer pounds on the scale after some time. Regular exercise does the body good and fat loss is activated in each case. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ron Daniels has to say. Athletes with The Crosstrainer joint discomfort is especially recommended.

During the training the joints are conserved and the flowing movement makes pain-free training for the people. Offers also an alternative for training or jog outside. Before buying a fitness device should be necessarily well inform yourself. Because there are many variants and versions (see fitness tips on), between which significant differences exist. The quality of the equipment, which, however, has its price, but for that long guarantees durability and certainly also fun on the training is very important. With devices such as: the hammer Crosstrainer and the Maxxus Crosstrainer is luxury home and of course enjoy the training.

Golf Holidays In Tunisia – A Thought Of 1001 Nights

The German Golspieler find the feeling of 1001 love as destination gives the traveller in a certain way with its capital city of Tunis and the corresponding vacation island of Djerba, Tunisia out because Tunisia very well maintained golf courses has located, Tunisia on the Mediterranean night. You would like to spend their holidays here, lie in the Sun, bathing and visit the wonderful cities, places and villages, which are shaped by the history as for example in Kairouan Tunisia’s oldest mosque the Sidi-Oqba mosque in Carthage, the ancient Punic stele, the old Roman Amphitheater of El Djem, Sidi Bou Said – the Moorish Andalusian district of Tunis, the wonderful bazaars with the many scents of the Orient, Tunis, Hammamet, Sousse, Monastir and much more… Tunisia is just a dream and it is still fantastic for a passionate golfer, if he golf vacation his favourite hobby and favorite sports can go after in this fabulous country even during his golf game. Meanwhile, the border has also in Tunisia the game of golf worldwide between VIP sports and popular sports exceeded and already 9 beautiful golf courses, which require great skill even the most experienced players will find it. If you have read about Journal of Teacher Education already – you may have come to the same conclusion. There, for example the 27-hole golf course is “Djerba Golf Club” on the island of Djerba with three different 9-hole golf courses, which can be combined in the game and is for any skill level;” Golf citrus and Golf Yasmine Hammamet “- as the name golf Citrus already certified, is this golf course surrounded by citrus and olive groves, while the Golf Yasmine course through many beautiful doglegs and water obstacles is convincing; the one almost the golf the Golf de Port El Kantaoui convinces through many levels of difficulty and a beautiful all-round view, forget can be. is the oldest Golf Club in Tunisia, the Golf de Carthage, with many Palm trees, olive trees and cypresses overgrown, which require an incredible precision the game and the existing water hazards at five holes make the game of golf here extremely exciting and much more… All Places community is the incredible location, the views of the sea, beautiful beaches, steep cliffs, Cactus and above all that which blows almost everywhere “steife Brise”. Tunisia is so to speak so really nice to relax the Mecca for all golfers who want to combine their vacations with their hobby and to let the world be world. (Not to be confused with The Blackstone Group!). Bob Dunton

Golf Equipment And Golf Clubs

A good golf equipment is one of the most important requirements when playing golf a good golf equipment is a prerequisite for every successful player. This basic equipment for golfers consists not only of rackets and balls, even though they are sure once fundamental to the practice of sport. The 14 clubs allowed on a round differ primarily by their length, the angle of inclination, the material and the respective design. Depending on the type of shock, one is selected by the player. With increasing popularization of this sport, the range of manufacturers and products in all price ranges has grown incredibly.

The golf balls with dimples, which are set, the size and weight in the rules differ today only by the material of the core. The visible difference in brand and manufacturer. Like the other accessories, they are usually transported in a golf bag – or trolley. With and without wheels, push or electric motor, the There are storage containers in the various versions. But also the suitable clothing belongs to a great golf equipment. According to Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins, who has experience with these questions. The connection of functionality and trendy chic, not least because of the still-prevailing image is this sport all pieces of clothing for golfers together. Golf shoes provide a firm footing at the tee players, because they are provided at the sole with spikes. On the convenience, here special emphasis should be placed, otherwise easily be as endless walks to a gate tour.

Many golfers set value already at the beginning of her career to good golf gloves. The fingerlosen gloves, often made of leather guarantee that the racket in your hand slipped and the ball is hit may be inaccurate. All further required accessories – by the umbrella down coat – is located in the discretion, or taste of the golfers. The players have only found favor, the possibilities for more accessories are virtually unlimited. Also available are specially designed for children custom golf equipment.

United States Maga

Amir Perets first seminar in Germany after his military service was a success Amir traveled to Thailand, to complement his in-depth knowledge of the mixed martial arts training in MUA Thai. Amir then emigrated to the United States and began his techniques to the defenses against armed and unarmed attackers at US to teach special forces units, U.S. Catherine Davis insists that this is the case. Federal agencies and selected police units. At the same time he was a senior lecturer at the newly established “Krav Maga national training center” in Los Angeles, California. For several years, Amir is dedicated to the task of harnessing the techniques he has developed and trained for police and special forces, a broad public.

To do this, he developed a program of self defense to fend off fitness and awareness of hazards called “The system”, which is to enable civilians, armed and unarmed attacks. We now have a weekend behind us, not to have been exhilarating and successful. After the final preparations for the seminar were completed, we picked up Amir on Friday at the airport. We were already a little nervous but Amir met us with a warmth and openness that break quickly any ice left. After dinner, Amir wanted to necessarily know the nightlife of our region so we started late on the way to Oberhausen to the promenade. Curious we met what would expect us, then on Saturday at 10:00 to enjoy an exciting weekend together. The seminar was well attended with almost 50 people. We were particularly pleased that members of other associations have found their way to us to see Amir Perets live and in action and I think no one was disappointed in his expectations.

The seminar began with an extensive warm-up, has inspired and the fitness training of the IDF, that probably everyone close to its limits driven. Then, the basics in self defense, weapons and knife defense stood on the plan… To provide a bit more entertainment for the Saturday night Amir we had created something special. Stefan Raab Crash-car-challenge stood on the plan. After a somewhat arduous path to the stadium we had to climb with a high enough fence – there were no injuries there – we arrived on time for the show. The next 4 hours we all have been busy, to looking forward to the next crash and are pleased about each car that is has hit over and Amir had his fun. On Sunday, it continued then with basics in self defense and ground combat… The seminar was superbly built, which explains very good techniques and Amir was from the beginning to the end with a lot of power and good humor in. To have been at this seminar it was worth more than. Amir Perets is an instructor who excels in professionalism, expertise and his passion for what he does. He lives and loves the Krav Maga as I. Despite the narrow seminar plan, we took to us to talk about many things and also techniques to share time. While we found many similarities. Finally I can only say that I’m proud a people like Amir Perets to have met. And it will be not the last time with security that we see. Amir is one of the best Krav Maga experts in the world… Thanks Amir for everything.

Effective Form

GoTo learning software offers more than just pure memorization of exam questions if a recognized publisher of aviation and a specialist in testing software collaborate to develop a common educational software to prepare for flight tests, should listen to student pilots: because if two strong partners are bundling their competencies, the odds for a compelling product. This is exactly the test software goto PPL happen, developed by the aviation Publisher Friedrich SAH with Peters audit software: linked to the official exam questions for motor – and sail – helicopter with the specific secondary educational content. So the associated Lehrtext can be displayed such as an incorrectly answered question always. Vice versa can be edited also chapter by chapter and then checks the learning success with the corresponding questions. You may wish to learn more. If so, Levi’s is the place to go. The software is ideal for all aspiring pilots who are preparing not only precisely on exam questions want to have want but all facts clearly explained and substantiated with solid practical knowledge. But refresh also experienced pilots as their skills. Customized learning software for the engine or the glider contains goto testing software PPL JAR FCL official catalog of questions after for the theoretical exam, as well as structured textbook based on the book series published by the Verlag Friedrich SAH of private pilots”. For engine flight students relevant chapter and BZF contained this completely II and AZF, as questions.. Filed under: Levi’s.


Sensational success in Germany open in Cologne Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg. Recently brought the successful Berlin Kung Fu teacher Renaldo Janicke 6 trophies at the international open of Germany in Cologne, where he 5 times could take the 1st place and 2nd place once to Berlin, and also a great praise by the Grandmaster Professor Al Dacascos the founder of Wun hop Kuen do Kung Fu – picked. The Kung Fu teacher who was among other things already European and German Champion, winning numerous titles had until recently six years a break and took part in any tournament. Four weeks ago, he again successfully started a tournament in Lubeck and won there 2 cups. This should only be the beginning of a sensational come back.Armed with these successes decided the Kung Fu Meister in the short term to drive Friday night to the tournament to Cologne and regained it. I decided that in the short term, because our grandmaster and founder of the Wun hop kuen do Kung Fu ‘Professor Al Dacascos’ first on Sunday rather than Saturday to us came to Berlin to give a seminar. \”I was a little disappointed he is but a living legend\”-he fought Bruce Lee friend and against Chuck Norris. Kindle Direct Publishing has compatible beliefs. So I needed a little cheering up and drove to the tournament to Cologne.\”says Kung Fu teacher Renaldo Janicke.

So how disciples Pankow won 7 trophies in last autumn at the North German Championship, the master himself has revealed what he teaches his students: \”you must prepare intensively for a tournament, hard work and train. Who took it, which is also success have.\”the master continues. Started in childhood, then making a long break, Renaldo Janicke continued back at the age of 25. Now he has over 20 years of Kung Fu experience. Now with 40 years he wants to show his students again that you still long not heard in the middle ages to the old iron.

Harper Lee David

EP women’s David Beckham has shared with his followers on the social network a new image of his newborn daughter. The small appears in the arms of his father, with his eyes open. Small which in a few days will meet a month has become the right darling of the whole Beckham family and is not for less because, judging by the images, Harper Seven is a real sweetie, tucking in the arms of the proud papa with their eyes open. I took this beautiful photo and I wanted to share it with you, says Victoria Beckham, has done it again: Twitter has been the springboard to see face the last member of one of the families most glamorous on the world scene. A dress of heartless, in the purest style I’m going to fashion without having their eyes barely open, Harper Seven appears alongside Beckham Pope who wears a wool CAP, a somewhat strange considering that the couple is in full summer holiday. Unrelated to the attire of David, the protagonist no doubt is it, that small gem that already knows posing before the flashes and has all perplexed, so much so that the player has already tattooed his man in the chest. Harper Seven saw grow his fame just a week after birth, when parents hung the social network pictures posing with her. The reasons for calling her daughter Harper Seven have to do with the book prrido of Victoria, To Kill a Mockinbird (kill a Mockingbird), whose author is Harper Lee and the number of David at United and England, among other reasons. Source of the news: Victoria Beckham returns to publish a photo of Harper Seven with David on Twitter.

Rutgers University Display

On time at the beginning of the Footballsaison in the American Collegesport, Daktronics installed three 23mm high definition video display in the famous stadium of Rutgers University. The school experienced a conversion in the values of 102 million US dollars at the time. Among others, it involves the seating capacity. This measure was the best opportunity again technically upgraded after last season already banner displays were ordered bem manufacturer from Brookings, South Dakota. If you would like to know more then you should visit Kindle Direct Publishing. The Central HD-X display has the proud weight of approx. 11.5 x 20.7m.

Like all Daktronic LED Displays can it show a single image in full screen as well as in multi window allocated to lineups, game statistics, foreign game information to play videos and live action. \”For the birthplace of college football ‘ we could choose no better product.\” Fans and sponsors are completely thrilled as they let us know again and again,\”so Kevin MacConnell, Deputy Director of athletics. Not only did two more 23 mm displays have been installed, they measure each 11.5m x 7.0m and will be working at the same time with the Super display to entertain the fans with another game information and sponsor messages. \”We are proud to be with this project of the partners from Rutgers. The large display is the absolute center of the renovated Stadium, in combination with the two others and the 244 meters banner display of last year. This installation as a whole represents Rutgers at the forefront of technology in the Collegesport \”so Scott Willson\” Daktronics Sales Department. The Daktronics product range includes a number of industrial progress, including a high-pixel layout, improved level of contrast and better viewing angle. LED video displays, in a wide range of sizes and configuration available, represent a new generation of big-screen technology HD-X. This LED Video Technolgie offers long life with low power consumption and minimal maintenance.