Main Selection Criteria

In everyone's life there are dreams come true, which seeks to fulfill each. So vovzesti your house, one of them. Live away from the noise pollution of the dream of many. Some umudretsya make this dream a reality. Lucky for you, and you will soon be the owner of the suburban area in the future and a country cottage? Of course, you may initially pay more attention to the election of the future contractor for construction work. But first you should know and take into account the many nuances that would be your future life it does not turn into disappointment.

And so. Specify more precisely meet your requirements. In many ways, you push on your needs and capabilities. Also think about your goals for the country house. Check with Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc to learn more. You want to live there permanently or wish to use as a summer cottage? Let's define the criteria for selecting such a house: 10 minutes by public transport to the nearest metro station a well-developed infrastructure within 1-2 km (pharmacy, shop, etc.) distance road runs and busy residential areas and the presence of tree-planting strip of forest neighbors, it is desirable to stewardship of the surrounding area (Lack of production, radiation, nitrate) the minimum lot size of at least 10sotok. The process of finding the site.

If the neighborhood of the city where you live you do not know much, do not worry! And do not rush to first caught a beautiful site. Before the next exit with friends or family in nature, try to choose a new location. Keep an eye carefully to the terrain. It is worth paying attention to every detail. Secrets and nuances site selection. Or something that is always hidden. – Groundwater level. Before you buy land, check with the owner about the ground water. In summer and fall area can be dry. Construction work will be very difficult to conduct. In the spring you find your site is waterlogged ground water. Rubbish and waste. Tschyatelno spend your study area for hidden debris. Remove it from the territory will cost you a pretty penny. Distance from high-voltage lines and high-power radio relays. Also inquire about the availability of gas and water. If not done, check how far the motorway. Carrying out further construction and installation of heating and Water, gas pipes wiring can cost you thousands of dollars. There are many nuances to buy suburban area. The main thing to know the most important and desirable to all. Let your dream become reality!

The Lighthouse

Lighthouse slats are made of thick planks of 4-6 cm and a width equal to the height of concreted prepare and attach to the base of wooden pegs, were killed on the minimum depth of 30 cm distance between the pegs should be no more than 1.5 m. The Lighthouse strips can be applied to inventory mnogooborachivaemye metal structures, such as channel bars. The required project grade concrete training plan provides a base or by the underlying layer, in which case the upper or lower bound of the lighthouse board cut the ramp. During the concreting of training the individual sections should produce ready-made wood or metal inventory of Lighthouse formwork. Combining the elements of shuttering must be reliable and provide a quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the formwork at the site of its installation. After concreting the surface of a clean concrete floor will be overwritten by trowel.

For small volumes of concreting preparations recommended carry out this process in the simplest scheme. Concrete Delivery Truck Dump Truck or in this case can call in to upload a mixture of outside concreted lane or drive up the side and unloaded a lighthouse mix board. Mixer can drive up to Beacon board and unload the mixture on the concreted strip across the tray. Crimson Education describes an additional similar source. The scheme of concreting preparations under floors with concrete pumps, equipped with articulated boom, is not fundamentally different from scheme of concreting with a self-propelled conveyor paver. If you use concrete pumps for the device monolithic concrete preparations preferably provide: – a continuous concreting – rhythmic pump providing a concrete mixture that eliminates time wasted on cleaning and preparation of Delivery line of the pump to work – lack of long breaks in the supply of concrete – the preparation of the front work, allowing used concrete pump is most effective – control the consistency of concrete mix and concrete quality. When designing concrete preparations using concrete pumps must take into account that the pumps are designed for pumping concrete mixes with slump 6-8 cm, while preparations for the under floor mobility lay concrete mixture should be 0-1 cm in pumped concrete mix should be elevated in the sand dust and small particles. All this leads to increased consumption of cement and water content. The decrease in water content and cement consumption while maintaining the required mobility of the mixture can be achieved through the use of plasticizers.

Marina Floor

Dry screed customer feedback. I'm long overdue repairs. We live on the first floor, and here, of course, all the charm: the moisture and rodents (which just got over the winter!). Learn more on the subject from Jim Crane. Grandmother with children had to send to relatives. The most fundamental in all of this disaster was, of course, sex, and I am nothing, except for cement screed, and did not know. As in cases of repair, I open a layman (I know only as wallpaper paste), and this back-breaking women's shoulders work formed exactly on my shoulders, had to sit down with the Internet and understand science. And oh, horror! After describing the technology were possible – 30-45 days of drying! Children with the grandmother has begged to be home, and my outlook a tightening of repair in the room 8 sq.m. 2 months is not very suited.

Rescued our indispensable Internet. Along with the 'wet' screed was information and a 'dry' screed, which is in no way inferior to the stability of 'wet' – 500 kg per 1 square meter, but the essence – laying gypsum sheets. But most importantly – no drying! I called, got the right information, make an appointment. All the work took 5 hours. The result exceeded all my expectations – this ideal of Paul I have not seen! Some time was frightened in the light … Yes, professionalism, as they say, is obvious. Nothing to say and nothing to add. Masters of high-class! Work – oh well, very happy! Holmurodova Marina, Podolsk district, pos. Maple dry screed feedback from the site 'repair the floor. " Article useful for those looking for information on the Internet at the request of: dry screed flooring gypsum fiber board, Knauf sex, sex Knauf, repair replacement of floors, repairing the floor in the Khrushchev, repair floor repair floor is dry coupler, the repairman floors, repairing the floor in an apartment