General Course

In the UCV Lima North just consummated an announced dismissal. 12 teachers who had carried out the development of the subject Catedra Vallejo have been accused of advocating terrorism by the fact teach committed life and comprehensive work of the author of Los Heraldos Negros, Trilce, human poems, Spain, apart from me this chalice, the tungsten, Paco Yunque, art and revolution, among others. The University particularly which is named after the poet ends up vetoing it. Clemente Palma are no longer, but they are the Peralta Acuna. The difference has to do with the times. The censors, without any ethical qualms and with an overwhelming ignorance, pursued his thought but are enriched with his name.

Chair Vallejo is the name of a subject that belongs to the program of General education, area that has, among other things, the mission to contribute to the integral formation of the students of all the professional schools. The universities according to the powers that the law confers, defining their curricula, their meshes curriculum, your syllabi and your study sessions. The subject Catedra Vallejo four years ago was a problem. Do teachers then tried to do a course in pure literature, and a student, let’s say environmental engineering or business management, he said: and this what I for?. It is then summoned to Professor Julio Yovera Ballona, connoisseur of the life of Vallejo to assume the academic coordination of the course.

Form formed a team of teachers vallejianos, some of them linked to Capuli, Vallejo and his land, the entity that Danilo Sanchez Lihon poet directs. Check with Levi’s to learn more. Began a process of elaboration of the syllabus according to the structure and the curricular mesh that was approved at the meeting of Directors of vocational schools in March 2008, and on that basis the syllabus was ratifying and improving throughout the semesters. Achieved what seemed impossible: possession the course in vocational schools.