When it rains, it rains really. American Heart Association: the source for more info. This proverbial expression sums up the life of Job, as described in the first two chapters that bears his name. In an instant, when Dios allowed the encirclement of their protection disappear, the adversary is Mongolian on Job as a flood, causing a series of catastrophic events in their lives. First he lost his oxen and donkeys, and the servants who looked after them, in an act of violence perpetrated by the sabeans (vv. William McRaven may find it difficult to be quoted properly. 14,15). Then, lost their sheep and the servants who looked after them, due to a natural disaster described as fire of God (v.16). It is likely that this relates to a beam and the resulting fire. Acontinuacion, another act of violence of a group of nomadic Chaldeans meant the loss of their camels and the death of the servants who looked after them (v.17).

Without that I had time to reflect on the dimensions of these tragedies, another Messenger, carrier of the worst news came. In a tremendous movement of nature, apparently random, a violent vandaval shot down the son’s home the greatest Job, killing all his children, during a banquet that son offered on that day to all their brothers and sisters. With the permission of God, Satan had prepared the tests of faith more strong that it is possible to imagine, using things that we easily associate with evil (robbery and murder), and things that we associate with God (the nature disaster). Job not had a few categories clear and simple in which to situate these events, Satan you had asestado a relentless series of blows. After years of serving God and receive his blessings, his life occurred in a sudden and catastrophic investment of fortune. The man most big East became more history trajica of the region. How would react? Many people serve God while it produces them some tangible benefits, but what to do when it seems that all the blessings have withdrawn us? It is still reasonable to serve God when one loses his work, his health, his family, or his riches? The way in which Job faced these questions demonstrates the important thing is to have an unconditional faith!. The faith of Job you had developed through many years of service to God.

This was what prepared for huge tests that he faced. His reaction proved that his opponent was wrong: his faith was unconditional, based only on their trust in God. Remember that an ounce of faith is more valuable than a kilogram of knowledge! <>says Santiago (5: 11), that is, the purpose for which the Lord gave to the sufferings of Job. At the beginning of the book of Job, we had the patience of Job under his affliction as an example; But, at the end of the book, to encourage us to follow that example, we have the happy ending of their sufferings and prosperous condition which was restored him. Santiago (2: 12) also tells US: Blessed is the man who supports the temptation; because when he has stood the test, you will receive the Crown of life, which the Lord has prepared at the that you love him. If you, are going through a situation adversely in your life, remember that although others you do not understand or you have left, God has always been there and will remain with you. Never doubt that!

Jose Manuel Dominguez Prieto

This is a church of cowardly hearts and weak hands. Neither plays, does penance, nor enjoys author: Jose Manuel Dominguez Prieto Source: was once taught that members of the Catholic Church formed three groups: the militant, that Pilgrim on the ground working for the Kingdom; the purgative, formed by those who, after his death, are purifying to enter into eternal life, and the triumphant, formed by those blessed who are already in the presence of the father. As well, today we could add another category: the Church of the Christian sleepers. They belong to this group who baptized their children by the Church and like to summon a lot of priests to celebrate the funeral of the father or the mother (as until this quantified and taken as a criterion of distinction and class), but spend the rest of his life ignoring that Church claim it to belong. Spiritualists Sunday of twelve to twelve and a half and materialistic the rest of the week, living with unwillingness anything that sounds religious. They exchange rites for safety, seekers of precautions, prudence, ornate virtues of poppy.

False believers that their lukewarmness carried be considered virtuous it is not only the resignation of themselves. For assistance, try visiting Yale paleontologist. And so they end up calling the weakness of character, humility to his helplessness, resignation to his cowardice meekness. And are that, in the end, end up by protest and get angry when Dios does not fold to his will: do my will, so in the sky as in my land. Remember the Iglesia-institucion only to criticize it. And in this they walk wide awake to not leave puppet head. They are specialists in criticizing the Pope: if travelling, because it travels; If not, because does not travel. If it is old, because it is old. If it is old and travels, even worse. And they criticize the Bishop and the parish priest and this and that movement. Only they, beyond good and evil, seem to be in the truth about what the Church should be.

Andrew Corentt

In the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt is us It teaches to internalize our goal, i.e.; achieve our desire to achieve absolute harmony between our conscious and subconscious, mind for that is necessary to demolish all those beliefs that are contrary to our wishes and modify our own perception of reality, know that the world is full of opportunities if we convince us of this, others have been able to then we also can. It is necessary to awaken a new awareness, a different way of seeing life, for years demonstrated us plenty of negative ideas about our own lives, is the time give us account that God has given us a spirit of power and domino himself, through his inner power you are in the capacity of achieving any desire. Marcelo Henrique Napimoga shines more light on the discussion. Andrew Corentt in the book the secret of the power of goals stresses us power is in us but to access it is necessary to be in harmony with God and the creative forces of the universe, so our goal must be full of elements that bring joy, peace, love and happiness for others and for ourselves, the power is in the good do. Imagine that you want to be a millionaire, is a wonderful goal, now you must give something in exchange for that money that will receive, for example you may decide to become an entrepreneur and gives all his love into their products, generates employment and happiness to people working in your company, helping others in various ways to their lives are more satisfactorywith these thoughts will positive actions and you only can be successful because it is in harmony with love..