Manual Handles Control

Ogitix study: On average a low degree of process automation in the IT and the business areas is untapped cost savings in double-digit magnitude Cologne only, 05.07.2010 – the processes in the company are to a large extent still manually instead of automatically. According to a survey of more than 400 companies Ogitix AG, this applies both for IT and for the business areas. Cause is in particular fear that automation goals lead to complex projects. But also lack of funds for an extensive process automation as well as a focus on other action plans among the hindrance causes. The business departments compared to the IT organizations in companies tend to have a higher quota in the process automation. So almost one third of the departments has a proportion of automated processes by about 80 percent, he is another 37 percent at about 60 percent. The rest of slightly more than a third, however, still very manual, conditions there are significantly less than the half of all the processes are automatically controlled.

The situation is even slightly worse in IT departments. You on average not even have a degree of automation by over 40 percent in every second case over. And only one seventh IT sector can claim its processes is said to have designed at least to 80% without manual actions, safe and transparent control allow. Read more here: cyrus massoumi wife. Habits out and possibly because there is a low tolerance for change, almost everywhere too many handles are made, rather than to use appropriate automation techniques”, problematizes Ogitix Board Ingo Buck. The notorious Hey Joe process seems not to lose his friends.” This is true both IT and the departments in the business floors of companies. But the motivations of the two survey groups, why is kept so keen and so far no more forced a process automation, have some major differences.