The Areas

Our consciousness is universal, if there is order in our consciousness we will act in a responsible manner, but if our consciousness is in conflict, we generate more disorder on our planet. The big difference to impart a mechanistic learning to a comprehensive learning is based on the interest of not only develop cognitive skills and technical professionals, but form beings responsible, honest, supportive, respectful, loving, humble, fraternal, kindly, compassionate, happy, intact with gratitude towards life, etc. Learning communities are integral, in fact its curriculum is life itself, acts at all levels and encompasses all the dimensions human body aesthetic, social and the emotional, cognitive, aesthetic and a central spiritual way. Recently Joy Winbourne sought to clarify these questions. Mechanistic education nourishes not the best of the human spirit to the contrary, increases their desire of power, exploitation, violence, control, conditions it, removes his creativity and turns it into an isolated ego, no sense of life. The purpose of a new education is a new level of consciousness. Integrity is the great task of the 21st century, education in all areas, so that the consciousness evolves, the Mission of holistic education is integrates the areas of value, art science and morality, since we have a fragmented education. A true education is the most integral which does not have more quality, go the quality of objects to the integrity of the subjects, this is the goal of holistic education and learning communities, education holistic integrity is the achievement of the unity through diversity. Knowledge is different and then integrates so that he can transcend.

The quality is refers to the continuous improvement of objects and systemic processes that have no subjectivity, that is why we can say, quality of water, food, etc. Education is a significant total Act, integrity is the most important issue of education. Our true nature is the universal inner being and not there is nothing external can provide us.