The Consciousness

This is called the most beloved, Amar. Love with all the powers of the Spirit in me. And do not know if those around me understand this mature elegy. But, I learned, learn and continue my call. Almost like a tough reptile skin that happens to me is secondary, it is most important, but what I do. There are things I can do that can heal, not hurt, not kill.

Learned, understood my lesson after some major setbacks. Go in search of that dream and share what God has been good to me. Campbell Soup Co describes an additional similar source. Share with others what Jesus wanted to make my. What is easier, love or hate, ignore or engage with the famine of peace and happiness of our time? Life has been good in spite of disappointments, bad decisions, the tears and tribulations. I have learned and understood something even of those dark clouds that sometimes cloud the consciousness and all thought. I've learned if, and I confess, to pay good for evil. I have learned with pain … Today at last to give up my pride and my self-centered zeal sculpt a better person.

A genuine look, a lamp, an oar in the water safe to take me across the River. Abundance of good will and little by little light peeking in my ice cream is vigor … I never thought, I can go much further than I dreamed, and the desire to be another no longer a sigh. I am responsible for what I do, whatever my situation I am in charge of this machine of bone and flesh, just ask God to not let me walk on my own too.