The Covenant In The Teaching

One of the evils of our teaching is having chopped its normative jurisdiction into 17 autonomous communities. Thus, each one adopts measures which more picturesque, like the Valencian, which provides education for citizenship in English. The transfer of educational competences was justified in those regions of own vernacular which required a different learning. But the generalization of the standard has since then carried all kinds of arbitrariness. It is the same thing that happens with the regional television, initially only granted to broadcast programs in languages other than the castellana and whose subsequent wasteful excess has led to having twenty channels public, without any justification and absolutely deficit. The regional dispersion of education, instead of striving for excellence has chosen by arbitrariness and extravagance, from the bypassing of other peninsular languages Spanish, until the teaching of any localism to the detriment of common history, geography and culture to the set of Spain. Already when Esperanza Aguirre was Minister of education he wanted to put an end to such nonsense, by establishing a minimum common programme of Humanities. The least that said such attempt in some academic circles was that he was a fascist measure.

And so we are. In successive reports on the State of education in the developed countries, Spain is the last. And we continue to decline. We are not only lagging behind in science and mathematics, but rather the knowledge of the Spanish language is becoming increasingly more deficient. Why, of course, that a educational pact urges. And until a revolution, if you press me. I am however afraid that, as in so many other things, it just put warm cloths to an endemic disease in our system of values and priorities rather than perform surgery that goes beyond the selfish interests of politicians of the day. But I suspect that that is something that will not come to see our sinful eyes.