The Facts

Association: Linking of things etc wake-up interest. By the same author: cyrus massoumi wife. If you want to remember something, it is easier to you, the more you on this thing are interested in! There is therefore a real interest to influential information. To do this you can ask questions. Why will I keep that in mind? What happens if I remember success? Why can I still use the information? etc. use the question Words: what? Why? Where? When? How? Who? Thus, you gain an understanding for the facts of the case. At the same time, you should look for connections to existing knowledge.

In this way, you can find additional anchors, which facilitate you the note. If the information should be very “dry” or you “out of necessity”, learn, it is very important to motivate yourself. Because your brain against the inclusion of new information will resist with a negative learning setting. Develop logical understanding. To better to memorize information, should you involve all the senses.

In this way, the information is perceived much more intense. Also, additional points are made, which increases the likelihood of later remembering. To fully exploit these opportunities, the meaning should be trained regularly. Occasionally, you can close your eyes to consciously perceive the sounds or smells in the environment. Sharpen your observation skills as you close your eyes and to rekonstruierst then exactly the last selected image in the spirit. With time, you will be able to recognize even seeming trivialities! Also beware of your physical movements. Pictorial presentation. Imagine pictorially the information to remember. Construct a in the truest sense of the Word strange picture, you’re exaggerating, uses colors as well as with referring movements and noises. The image should be quietly doing absurd, let your imagination free rein! Each unique the presented situation, the easier can later retrieve them.