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After all, each time more is perceived how much it is important not to think the organization about a social vacuum. The organizacional psychology and of the work thought about diverse strategies to deal with the derivational relationary problems of the existing forms of work. It’s believed that Jamie Cudden sees a great future in this idea. Being that such strategies had crossed, according to Zanelli (2004), basically three movements of transformation that had generated the following tasks and procedures: analysis of the work, conscription and election, training, evaluation of the performance, administration of staff, qualification, conditions of work and hygiene, organizacionais relations of the work, changes. I will resumidamente describe resumidamente each one of these movements and each one of these activities so that the reader can understand inside better on the practical one of the psychology of the organizations. FIRST MOVEMENT This occurs in the interior of practical the traditional ones and that they constitute the central nucleus of the representation of what means to be organizacional psychologist.

The analysis of the work, conscription and election, training and development are these practical and the evaluation of performance. Analysis of the work Is about a basic activity that bases many other interventions on the field. For bigger success in this activity, organizacionais psychologists have appealed to one increasing use of techniques due the transformations that had occurred in the nature of the human work and to the increasing impact of the technology. Therefore these techniques allow that such analyses leave of being mere descriptions of the current state and incorporate a prospectiva vision, capable to capture the changes that are occurring. Conscription and election the conscription and election strong passed to be terceirizado by the companies, what it has led to the increasing one I number of consultorias and small rendering companies of services that independent or contracted psychologists add. The organizacionais transformations and the demand of a new profile of worker have taken the innovations in the election processes, as the application of the space of techniques capable to evaluate interpersonal abilities and abilities better, for example.