The Frustration

what he is sufficiently obvious and that certainly will occur with the same ones is the frustration of that did not give certain or simply it did not happen of the form as they wanted. Then a great desperation for not knowing has beginning to deal with this situation of disillusionment, in this route many enters in a state of loss of heart and depression, which few obtain to much less leave still to surpass. Others place the guilt of its disillusionments in other people also in the proper parents. Citizens conformed or unresigned with the life become, still, that they do not know to mediate both the occasions to change or to transform the proper reality involves that them. The ultimate issue that if must make to understand in the individuals of today is the basic premises of the effort and the frustration, for in such a way it is basic that if it makes a simultaneous confrontamento and it continues enters the limits of the condition human being of the citizen with its individual capacities.

This seems simple, however very it is complicated if to look at the context of the society, which beyond not living deeply human values, still puts in the rear who with it does not share the same principles, even so these being in its great part the negation of that if it judges correct. Thus, many designated people as ' ' esforadas' ' they are had as failed. The effort is disdained and is valued the innate one, the genius and the same status that this is only ilusrio. To be bacana currently is to go pra ballad a night before vestibular contest exactly thus to obtain to pass. To have money enough to pay somebody to make its university works and its daily obligations. To be strengthenn is offence, is infuriates, to strengthen itself is for those of the poor classroom, that they need to fight not to die of hunger and to obtain to assure a place in the society and a work of which they will take off the minimum that they need to say ' ' vivos' ' in the general conception of the country.