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3. This man had come out from among the tombs, because I lived in them. No one could hold it, not even with chains. 4 Because although many times had tied it hands and feet with shackles and chains, had always done them pieces, without that nobody could subdue him.5 He walked day and night by the hills and graves, screaming and hitting it with stones.6 But, when he saw Jesus from afar, ran, and putting on his knees in front of him, worshipped it 7 exclaiming loudly: what have I to do with you, Jesus, son of God most high? I beseech thee by God not torment me!8 Spoke so because Jesus said to him: unclean spirit, stop that man!9 Jesus asked him: what is your name? He answered: my name is crowd, because we are many.10 And begged Jesus to not send the spirits out of the country.11 And as close there, next to the Hill, had a large herd of pigs eating, 12 the unclean spirits begged him to Jesus, saying: send us, Lord, to pigs, and let us enter into them.13 Jesus allowed them, and the spirits of darkness came out of man and went into the pigs. Get more background information with materials from The Journal of Educational Research. These, which were about two thousand, began to run down slope to the sea, and there were drowned.14 Which took care of the pigs went fleeing, and were counting in the village and the fields, what happened. Well, societies lack the generous actions, to be able to evolve in various aspects espiritual-humanos: in politics, in Religion, in sociology, in education, in science, in philosophy, in the home, in public life, in short, everywhere, in reaction, from the thought no longer aimlessly against the omission, corruption, impunity. In addition, there are many other names and disguises. Give who? Of the Wolf! The lesson is, therefore the remain vigilant and active, in constant harmony with our dedicated guardian angels as opposed to thought aimlessly, not to be its victims.