The Ministry

During the 10 semesters, labour legislation and commercial. For both for 10 semesters abstract and applied reasoning, math to 70%. For both formal and intuitive logic, all the semesters, which philosophers know do proofs. For both political science during the 10 semesters. When I say both referring to the pure and the Bachelor’s degree. So for two days a week philosophers and graduates cadres the emphasis and other two days taught philosophy at its core.

Ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, ontology, history of philosophy, logic and art of philosophising etc. But as the Ministry of education it is a ridiculous entity submitted to the State. You may not exercise proposals such as these. As the Government only thing that interests him is the exploitation, so that a reversal of this caliber. LIFT: 1. many expressed over the years which is better the student of philosophy not to view these emphasis of which I have spoken. Then answer, that the true philosophers always make advance materials to the that it enshrines. 2.

In this letter I don’t mean the bourgeois philosophers. Since these are the means of production for generating wealth and more if they make power illegitimate power legitimate. 3. because many of the young people of our country and that are under-resourced, unable to become occupationally involved because philosophy in Colombia has no importance for the Ministry of education and the district Secretary of education. Much less for the State. 4. If there is a country on Earth where the philosophy to appreciate. I agree utopically, it would be important to form lines of philosophical study thus: study three races, degrees after a master’s degree in one of them and therefore doctorate. This also applied to the marginalized of society. Line 1 career philosophy + career in theoretical physics + ethics this career lasted 2 years master’s degree and doctorate in one of the three.