The Model

Mechanistic education makes us robotic beings and only see academics and not see beyond. Cannot be Integral or a holistic education with mechanistic teachers. With this mechanistic education is preparing students to work but not to live life. The distinction between the traditional mechanistic educator mission and the holistic educator is based on that a power to the student, while another is rigid, mechanistic and closed. The real difference in a mechanistic and a holistic education is the level of awareness of educators. Raise the level of consciousness involves a change in the way as we see the world and ourselves and this implies especially finish with ideas and false beliefs. The evolution of consciousness is a process of liberation from ignorance of our own nature.

There is a very large between not knowing and ignoring difference in holistic education, they are two different things; not knowing is the point suitable for learning, ignore’s lack of self-awareness, therefore, a great scholar can be an ignoramus. The current fundamental problem is a lack of understanding and an internal disorder of consciences of human beings. The teachers holistas always leave a footprint of deep teaching and welfare in us, they have spiritual intelligence, are comprehensive, acting with ethics and show their happiness and joy the holistic education is liberating of dogmas, myths and prejudices, allows universal love. In holistic education intelligence and love are totally linked. The holistic education does not have a specific method, since all students learn differently. The best attitude for learning is the total opening, with love and humility, in an infinite learning.Currently is heard much talk of new education proposals as alternatives to change for a better education, however, even though at first sight they seem interesting, a more thorough inquiry will show that they are still within the logic of scientism, reductionism, and the superficiality. As an alternative to this view fragmented has been proposed the model of transdisciplinarity.