The Original

personal self-consciousness II. Master in management of the own person III. Universal consciousness IV. Social skills and spiritual presence. For each of the 21 included in the four characteristics mentioned skills, are assigned five levels of expertise, with a higher level which is considered not finishing because it is always possible grow in the development of them.

Although imports meet those substantive elements that compose the IE, these can be consulted in the original bibliography (Wigglesworth, 2004). In this context matter noted that virtually all human capacities, are incorporated to talk about other kinds of intelligences reaching a sort of culmination with the IE in which the spiritual and religious dimension is incorporated. Even if you could come to admit the existence of all these kinds of intelligences, it is worth consider the actual need for them in order to achieve an efficient performance in different human activities reach. In principle, you might think that many human characteristics, such as aesthetic sense, a serene presence, the awareness of the spiritual laws, sustaining and the cultivation of ethical values, etc. are aspects that have little or nothing to do with efficiency in human chores. However, this is not so because of several reasons. In principle the human being is a drive and although the coexist various aspects and own dimensions, it is all an error that there is multiple beings differentiated within the self. This consideration has an undeniable practical consequence since this implies everything imported and that each of these features imported into time to consider personal endeavor.

The importance of spirituality in higher education (Scott, 2004) may be cited by way of specific illustration. This perspective constitutes a change with respect to the current characteristics of academic institutions where prevailing extreme fragmentation and specialisation. And the reason for this necessary change lies in the very fact of what is today’s world and what are the problems that are faced.