The Tasks

Let us take an example: the birth into a family of a child with a disability can compromise and alter the functions that are traditionally recognized the family as they are, care and physical care, socialization and education, etc. It is an important event of a crisis in the family life cycle. The tasks of care increase, so there is a stress added to that is generated with the mere birth of a child. Exposed example, and as family educators, we would have to address the needs that may arise such as:-information relevant to the age about the situation of the child and treatment process. Click The Journal of Educational Research to learn more. -Communication with the family of the impact that all of them have the new situation. -Recognition by the parents of the child advances. -Time for the same and shared with parents.

-Provide them with strategies to cope with the reactions of others and new burdens and family responsibilities. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc contains valuable tech resources. Intervention with families problem or multiproblema for some authors is the most common intervention of family educators and is mainly characterized by many deficiencies both in their internal processes and external. They are usually distant families in their dealings with the social systems in your environment and to them they have only left a professional or expert on family support. In these cases, strong intervention is required both at individual and group level, that, given the complexity of the family reality, usually required the coordination of various professionals from different institutions or centres, so intervention may be structured in the following way: to) request for help from the family: performed by any need that considered peremptory. The family educator has to conduct a full study of the family without neglecting explicit demand. In this way he has carefully articulate what supposed the answer to a demand with the use of this response as a means of approach to the family, to a much more complex reality.