The Thorns

It is the same thing that we do when someone tells us your problem. As we are not involved in it, we have enough objectivity to see with clarity, without their nerves and worries, and we can tell you our opinion. Only our opinion, because the tendency of the one that has the problem is to ask: do you what would you do in my place? The answer is very simple and absolutely equal in all cases: I would do the same as you. If I were in your situation with your education and your circumstances, with your age and your concerns, would do exactly the same as you. Now, if the question is what would I in your place but without stop being myself, my answer is and one says his opinion.

ATTENTION problems will always have, why deny it. Get more background information with materials from Journal of Research in Science Teaching. We are condemned, for the moment, to live with them. They will be presenting over which they would wish, and more often. We have to see what to do with them, if let us crush by their heaviness and his tyranny, or if we are willing to confront them and try to eliminate them or, much less, remove the thorns and poison, and dilute them so that they do not hurt. From skipping better said, so not us they our point of order and balance. We have already seen it before: If there is a problem, and its resolution depends on us, first recognize it; then fix it. And if no solution the problem? That depends not on it power solve them, because you’re not who caused it but the hit, you can get that they disturb you more, less, or nothing, and this Yes depends on you. If it depends on you and you’ve not got the optimal solution, you will have to apply the second best choice, and remain vigilant to the problem if you change something or appears good.