Tuta Learning Ler

Ol, you likes to hear histories, I is asking this because if you like to hear, goes giving in them very well, therefore I adore to count histories. My name is Tuta and its? Well, if you this hearing this history are because you are a person, you want to say, a human being. Cyrus massoumi wife describes an additional similar source. I am an animal, pra to be more accurate I am a very old turtle that already lived many adventures. I do not know well my age very, but I have one 140 years more or less. you, how many years have? Today go to count a well small case of when I age, I I had ones 6 or 7 years, I liveed with my mother and with my father, us we liveed in a small farm, was very legal there, you already was some time in one I besiege? If it was, probably liked very. Well, of any form I go to count to you as it was this small farm.

A small farm is a great land space well, is as if grando was a yard well. In this land space it can have some things, a house, a lake, a well, a corral, one horta, can vary, but it is more or less this. In this I besiege that I liveed, had a well great house, with one varanda in the front where the people placed its nets and could sleep, also they had many chairs, was a legal house very. Also he had a lake, he was small, more or less of the size of a soccer field, and in this lake he had many ducks and fish. Also it had a well, a cow, some hens and always the hens had many pintinhos therefore always shocked its eggs and were always being born new young chickens that soon grew and turned chickens.