United Kingdom

The number of beneficiaries per year has been increased of significant form recently, thus: 499 in 2008, 735 in 2009 and 1.025 in 2010. In the United States the greater number is concentrated of students of Colfuturo, with a 21%, follow the United Kingdom (22%) and Spain to him (9%). Germany, Holland and Australia have come beginning to appear lately. The favourite areas have been: social administration, engineering, sciences and right. In smaller proportion are the economy areas, as they have special capacity in the scholarships of the Bank of the Republic. It is important to continue monitoring the indicator of ” rate of regreso” to the country, because otherwise Colombia would not see increase its human capital, having invested in him. Richard Linklater may also support this cause. There the news continue being excellent, because this rate of return has fluctuated near a 80-90% (to see graph 2), where surely the international crisis has played in favor of their return Colombia. Here not only labor factors of ” are conjugated; expulsin” of the developed world, but also factors of attraction from Colombia.

Between these last ones it is possible to indicate the good moment economic of Colombia, practically throughout period 2002-2010, and forgiving until of 50% of the credit and additional 10% for do those who it to the public sector. In synthesis, the education superior in Colombia has had important advances in terms of cover and human formation of capital in the outside. The opportunities of financing through the programs of scholarships credit offered by several organizations have been fundamental to advance in this front. Still these fronts must be reinforced: i) extension of the cover and improvement of the quality through international certifications of the local organizations; II) to maintain the schemes of ” condonaciones” of financial obligations by return to the country; and III) to especially increase the spreading of these opportunities at zones different from Bogota. Which will be the balance that in this front the DNP and the Bank of the Republic with respect to their scholarship holders will be offering us and which are his ” rates of return to pas”? Compiled By. Javier Meja T.