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A time that the two chemical types are fenotipicamente identical, the majority of the commercial preparations of cat nails is made indiscriminate mixtures without therapeutical utility. Efficient products must contain not more than 0.02% of tetracclicos alkalis of oxindole (Reinhard, 1997.' ' ((Schultz, Hansel, Tyler (2004), grass of Are Joo (Hypericum perforatim) and garlic (Alium sativum). The garlic (Alliun sativun) is a traditional plant. In Greece the Herdoto historian, counts that the constructors of the pyramids ate garlic to protect them of febris illnesses. In the Europe he started to be known as medicinal plant in the Average Age, very must to monges benedictines, that carry through its culture in the gardens of its monastery. One gave credit that a valuable medicine for contagious diseases was a medicine, and many works are found in its use in combat in plagues.

For example, in the Basilia it was reached by the plague, the population mistreats that it consumed garlic in its day-by-day felt? if very better of what its countrymen. Another one in case that it were in 1721, the plague were is of control in Marseilles, a flock of thieves pillaged the city, stealing equally the sick people and the deceased, without being contaminated, when one of these thieves had been pegos, it explained that its flock regularly consumed soaked garlic of in wine and vinegar: Alliun onion cepa. In 1994, the ONU (Organization of United Nations) it recognized as medicinal plant. It is important for the aboriginals northwestern of the Amaznia in the form of tea, its finer branches for the treatment of dysentery. Oxindlicos alkali roots and rinds, with some studies telling the power with some studies telling the power stimulant of the defense system. Because of this its interest in it despertou to use it for the treatment of the AIDS. The licorice capable to contain the alrgicos mechanisms that many times are determined of the patient because of the disfuno of the imunolgico system.