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In the era that we live and further developed the doctors give diagnoses dry, direct way, without mincing, partly are protecting to the demands-that by saving some result – can carry out patient and family, but that they are so accepted and how much can damage the sick?. A direct cancer diagnosis caused very recently a massive heart attack a Cuban colleague who had just arrived in the United States, not all people are ready for the acceptance of these serious predictions of life or health. However living in these times of so many epidemics, exposed to so much radiation, bad diets, climate change among others all must be prepared to receive such diagnoses and accommodate them in position to learn, fight, overcome, because it is no less true that there are also many new medicines, advanced technologies that today in day are giving great results in cures for Cancer and AIDStwo of the devastating diseases that they attack when you least expect it and who do not choose their victims, anyone can be today tomorrow be one sick and healthy. From my own experience – as I usually do in my articles – narrate them briefly which in 2004 I received a diagnosis between three other cancer metastasis bone in the column and for medical only I had months of life, today I write from my computer, 2009 year, even when it has failed splitting, because for my no doctor can predict a person’s death, nor any psychic, only knows it the creator of the universe, or as you call him if he is religious. At the time that I as a human being I received the diagnosis, I felt dryness in my mouth, my voice was trembling, sude, all that happened in the very brief time, out of the query, in the car, – I spoke to myself-, telling me – not can anyone determine the fate of another person-, since there are spontaneous referrals in cases of cancers, AIDS, the healing, miracles, healing, and there is a world full of new techniques and alternative medicines, I then gave the task of informing me, read, investigate and live each day as if were the last, I left behind the past, sad memories, everything that was carrying in a backpack behind which I affected, – because the negative memories affect – began to leave and contact natureto create short-term goals for things I wanted to do and had not done them because of the stress we live, I decided to get out of debts that us tense, because one is not anything material when it comes out of the ground, finally changed my life. .