VcG Supported Application

RC Germany GmbH Wiesbaden Association Club-free golfers (VcG) supported the German application to host the Ryder Cup 2018 as first sponsor. A corresponding agreement was reached between the VcG and RC Germany GmbH. Claus M. Kobold, President of VcG led: the staging of the Ryder Cup 2018 in Germany is a big target. To achieve it, the full use of all golf assets is necessary. You may wish to learn more. If so, vlad doronin is the place to go. Therefore it was the RC Germany GmbH with its application to support for us no matter.” For the RC Germany GmbH Managing Director Florian Bruhns said: we are particularly pleased that the VcG as first sponsor goes with us to the tee to bring this sports event of world-wide reputation for the first time after Germany.