Venezuela Colombia

Maicao is the home of all: their neighborhoods inhabited people coming from various parts of the national territory and one of the most numerous Arab colonies in the country. Paisas, santandereana, seedeaters, palenqueros, vallunos and chocoanos are happy on this earth messy transit, straight streets, intense sunlight and mixed skin. Maicao is the land of all and in it there are no outsiders. Get more background information with materials from Cyrus Massoumi. Maicao, is the first municipality in Colombia and is quite literally because when someone enters the country from Venezuela lies first with the corregimiento of Paraguachon and a few minutes later with Earth, as Ramiro Choles defined it in the local hymn it is Insomniac frontier Sentinel. Thousands of people cross the border daily in a sense and another.

Those who do insofar as Venezuela Colombia have their first contact with the maicaero landscape and thus begin to imagine how it is the rest of the country. That viva La Guajira on the new anniversary of its foundation. Happiness for her, for their noble inhabitants and Maicao, one of their favorite sons. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is Manager of companies and journalist. Instructor of the University nacional de Aprendizaje SENA and teaching service of pre degree and postgraduate.

He has completed the following three specializations: administration of programs of Social development specialist in human development and guidance educational specialist in teaching University is author of the books: if tomorrow is today, brief look at the immensity, moments of eternity and although trembles the Earth and the heavens fall. Co-author in addition to textbooks Renata Guajira 2007, stories that are not story and Word and residence. Winner of the following awards: Cerrejon 2.008 and Cerrejon 2.009 journalism contest in the category internet journalism contest 2009 energy efficiency, category Digital contest departmental cultural journalism, category television as librettist of the documentary sea of the distinguished apalaanshi medal Luis A.