Violence Against Women

VIOLENCE towards women throughout history have existed in societies most certain gender disparity. In Mexico as worldwide violence against women has been increased more and more with the passage of time, but above all cities like Juarez, Edo. Mexico, Cuernavaca, and Quintana Roo. These have become the cities with the rate of violence against women and of course this goes more beyond of discrimination in various fields, since at least one of every three inhabitants in Mexico suffers some kind of family violence, which makes us look so serious subject. Violence against women is a serious problem that exists in the society because it is not something that has logic or sanity, abused women simply because you can and there are people, especially men, who see women only as an object can be made to which what it pleases.

It is worse still that even when there are laws that protect women, these are not efficient, do not prevent nor solve anything. This is a problem since ancient times where the situation was still worse, because the woman had not even entitled to vote, today has more rights but is still abused her; still very marked inequality in society between man and woman although we are equal before the law. All this stems from many factors. It is not hereditary, it is not natural, it is not found in men, it is not a mode of being, or a biological to vent is necessity. But it is, first and foremost, a cultural attitude that for centuries women were possessions and not people with rights and feelings, so that everything that should happen them depended on others. In addition to that always has been considered him lower than men, especially in physical strength, to what some women take a submissive position. These causes, if you can call them, are absurd, vague and completely false, whether true or not all that, the man does not have to violate the woman and whatever the case, is a falsehood that man, just by the fact of being man, is superior to women. According to the law, men and women are equal in spite of everything.

The place where you see more violence towards women is the family according to the State Commission of human rights of Jalisco, the same couple is who makes more use of violence towards women. But isn’t the only family it also in labour cases of violations by the superiors with threats come from that will lose his job (the victims) if do not agree. Violence becomes so much more present in women with low resources, economic of education. a case as in many others, the authorities do not put enough attention since in the Mexican Republic women contributes, supports and end matters little.