Voting Campaign

Postmodernists Manuel Garcia Estrada a “Vote or stupid? a I keep visiting cities and continue to see millions of dollars thrown away on so-called political campaigns, the truth is that no real proposals for the legislature but a ball of patronage practices that whoever leads in that bloody and vile use of poverty is PRI Veracruz. In that state is left and right banners, loudspeakers, private schools thrown at the feet of the party violated election laws, moral and universities like the University of the Gulf of Mexico that organizes cultural events and educational situations where everything is red and keynote speaker is the candidate of a Revolucionarioa . Moreover, the pants of the public and private schools, the walls of buildings and service announcements are red. No wonder, the PRI has been able to that through associative advertising drive in their TV spots to the national flag as the background and nobody says anything. a In Leon, Guanajuato, the screens, banners and spectacular are to serve the PAN seems. There is a fascist state governor and behind every election there is no institution capable of subjecting partidocratas oligarchs and the law. In the town of Metepec, Estado de Mexico, spectacular in the hands of political parties and their candidates as Lujambio that appears above and to one side or the other but like everyone else there is a single message of proposed legislation or services. There is a huge vacuum that all but observed that no one seems to affect when the ads are funded with taxes all.