What Is Spray Tanning?

Spray tanning is a relatively new method of sunless tanning. Technically spray tanning method is something between self-tanning cosmetics and tanning beds. You enter the spray-tanning booth where you are sprayed by a special mist. After a few minutes the process is complete and before long you the type of tan you want. How it works The fog is used in tanning spray contains DHA, a chemical reacts with the outer layer of skin and dyed brown. Technically it works just like tanning lotions, but the spray booth and ensure that the whole body is also covered with DHA.

Spray tanning does not require additional sessions? one visit is enough to get a tan you need. You may want to visit Levi’s to increase your knowledge. How long? Because the tanning spray works only on the outer layer of skin (the “dead”), the effects can last as long as a week, and usually resolve within four or five days. As you can see spray tanning is an excellent method looking very good for a short time. But of course, you can visit a tanning salon spray once a week and keep the color of their skin almost indefinitely. “I can make it last a little longer? Well, the replacement process of the skin is inevitable, but may increase the life of those so if you do a few things before you begin the process of spray tan. a Those are: (1) moisture from your skin with a little water before the spray tanning moisturizer base.

DHA will help to spread on your skin and add to the life of Tan (2) Exfoliate – outermost layer of skin clear of dead cells that are already about to fall. The fog tint cells that are supposed to last more than a few hours. What about the color of tan? Because chemical processes caused by the DHA, which is impossible to obtain a color so improper? will always be a shade of brown. Of course, tanning spray lets you choose the right tone? spraying the right kind of mist, you can purchase the full range of browns? of very light brown to almost black.