WIMPs Universe

Carlos Mora Vanegas El Universo encompassed great mysteries that invite those interested in Astrophysics, Lima delve into this in order to learn more about what the universe holds. Educate yourself with thoughts from Stephen Fry. An interesting topic in this regard, is everything related to dark matter and the same dark energy (what will be analyzed in other writing). Personally, this topic interested me so many years ago so it holds, its direct interrelation with galaxies, theme that was explained to me when I was famcortes.MP4 by a Jesuit priest Father Puig, when studying secondary education and in the fifth year of that time we cursabamos a subject called astronomy in school Calazan. Subject that motivated me a lot and I thought up to study astronomy, what I did and I chose engineering us brings Wikipedia in this regard, which is called dark matter to hypothetical matter of unknown composition that does not emit or reflect enough electromagnetic radiation to be observed directly with the technical means current but whose existence can be inferred from gravitational effects that cause in the visible matter, such as stars or galaxies, as well as the cosmic microwave background anisotropies. Click University of Michigan to learn more. Dark matter dark energy should not be confused.

Further, indicates us that the composition of dark matter is unknown, but may include ordinary and heavy neutrinos, elementary particles recently explored as WIMPs and the axions, astronomical bodies as dwarf stars and planets (collectively called male) and the clouds of gases not luminous. Current evidence models in which the primary component of dark matter are new calls elementary particles collectively favor non-baryonic dark matter. Dark matter component has much more mass than the visible component of the universe. At present, the density of ordinary Baryons and radiation in the universe is estimated to be approximately equivalent to an atom of hydrogen per cubic meter of space. Only approximately 5% of the total energy in the universe (inferred from gravitational effects) density can be observed directly.