With Christmas Gift Do Good – The Help Card

“Persistent give charitable help card exactly 50 years before sent Rosi Ganguly, the founder of the Andheri aid with their students the first 400 personal presents to an orphanage in Andheri” in Mumbay. The children enjoyed huge food, SOAP and small gifts. A modern packet”, which allows guaranteed when the need arrives, offers now the Andheri help with the innovative HelpCard”. Many of the recurring question facing Christmas, birthdays, or similar occasions: “what I should give away only? “Back a bottle of wine or the tie?” With the first charitable gift card of the Andheri help you can do good and make a unique pleasure at the same time the donee: the recipient can redeem the HelpCard for an Andheri help project of his choice. That means giving and helping in one. Connect with other leaders such as Dr Venter here.

The joy of the gift is guaranteed for both sides! So the Andheri HelpCard works: In the shop andheri / looking from a motif. There are for example motives in the areas of project opportunities to children”, income secure” or save eyesight”. Also, there are motives for birthday, Christmas, anniversary or wedding. The givers to the motif adds a personal text and a value of 10 euro added. There is also the HelpCard for the self expression for particularly urgent. On the shop page the recipient distributed the cards value as a donation to the projects of their choice. So the recipient is actively involved in the decision.