Without Borders Great

. Long time I felt I was going against the tide, he was doing well, but did not have the support to explain, even to explain myself. Now I can say I was not wrong: I have now clear that I am not a crazy idealist who wishes the world a better place to live in it better people. The world may be better if we reach the conscience, if we work together, if we unite and if we work, each one about yourself. I know we can do, now I'm not alone, it gives me great joy, peace and hope many years ago had read Ken Wilber's book entitled "Consciousness Without Borders" and since then had great empathy with his thinking. The expertise to meet them now as one of the main theoretical underpinning the proposal, I was very pleased. His readings have been enriching, but also delicious. It's as if each answer me and give me orders.

I want to have time to reread everything seen calmly. In general, authors selected were deep and the readings are arranged with great care, because I was being gradually increased understanding, always giving me a living. The meeting with Patricia Aburdene and spirituality was another wonderful spot. I studied sociology for many years and always looked for a middle or third proposal between capitalism and socialism. He saw that it was necessary for the evolution of man continues, "there must be" kept repeating over and over again. The proposal of spirituality applied in any area, totally changes the focus of anything it touches.