World Health Organization

Genetic analyses are recognized especially as gene analysis the prevention by the World Health Organization (WHO) an effective means to health care. The analysis can prevent serious diseases or treat early help. By the same author: Gregory Serraro. Genome control is a pioneer in Europe in this field. The human genetics makes great progress, which benefits for the population are clearly obvious. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, susceptibility for heart and circulatory disorders or the individual risk of cancer can be determined through scientifically validated genetic tests and avoid at best or early start of therapy.

The genome control Ltd. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dale Carnegie. Europe is a pioneer in this important area in particularly mothers and children are close to the heart. The company provides genetic tests and their results between world-class laboratories and the customers. Here we work together qualified and audited international gene laboratories with a network. Our customers receive the highest safety standard for the delivery of Test results and only you can access it. The World Health Organization (WHO) provides a genetic test in the core as a useful, if it is severe, life-threatening diseases, which can be influenced by a targeted early therapy.

Genome control offers genetic screening of medically valid genetic testing for all health conscious. The company combines an attractive price policy (E.g. offers from 99) with scientific seriousness. We provide European customers and also all groups of people with low incomes, to get the most important gene analysis at an affordable price about us. For the lay person understandable statement of results completes the service of the company. The genome control their customers strongly recommends a specialist medical advice in advance and a subsequent discussion of the test results.