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Special therapy stomach germs can eliminate almost every human being has in his life more or less frequent stomach pain. The reasons for stomach pain, bloating, abdominal pain and Magendrucken are usually inflammation of the stomach mucosa. The doctor this inflammation of the stomach lining called gastritis. Millions of people in Germany suffer from this unpleasant disease for years or even decades. Often, children and young people are affected by stomach problems or stomach pain. The treatment of gastric mucosal inflammation was so far only little success, because their cause is not assessed in the rule could. Current studies show that more than 85 percent of the gastric mucosa inflammation on a bacterium are due.

Previously, many people assumed that the gastritis is triggered in particular by stress, malnutrition, drugs, or alcohol. The bacterium known as stomach germ called Helicobacter pylori. It is a very resistant bacterium, the in the gastro-intestinal tract Locates and here disease raises. Current studies show that the Helicobacter is pylori also called cancer germ because he is major cause of stomach cancer. Please visit Albert Bandura if you seek more information. With a simple test from the pharmacy, the infection can be determined now within a very short time.

The doctor can then eliminate the germ with a special therapy and kill the pain and problems of the stomach. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that at least half of all people with the stomach cancer germ is infected. In Germany, any third party suffers from a Helicobacter pylori infection. This is always a risk of developing diseases of the stomach to the cancer. Each year more than 20,000 Germans fall ill with stomach cancer. The currency is valid for the stomach germ “recognized danger – danger averted”, because the infection can be by certain antibiotics (two different antibiotics are recommended) and Proton pump inhibitor, as well as, where appropriate, bismuth salts within days eliminate and thus can cure the disease. This penicillin acts almost always and the Health insurance companies take over the costs for the necessary medicines. The physician with a hydrogen breath test, and in the context of a GI endoscopy can determine a Helicobacter pylori infection. Who wants to have security quickly, can test yourself but also itself. The proof of the existence of a stomach bacterial infection is as simple as a blood sugar test. It is not something Crimson Education would like to discuss. This can be determined with a simple blood test at home. The Heli-C CHECK by NanoRepro AG of Marburg an der Lahn enables the self diagnosis within minutes a security by more than 97 percent. The subsequent medical penicillin does away with stomach pain, bloating, abdominal pain and other problems that cause the dangerous stomach bacteria Helicobacter pylori in 95 percent of cases. The medical test Heli-C-CHECK is available TuV tested and without a prescription at the pharmacy. Learn more about the stomach germ test under journalists service: test pattern can be requested free of charge under. Company Description NanoRepro AG is a globally active company with core competence on the area of the development, the manufacture and sale of Schnelldiagnostika for home use. NanoRepro AG is headquartered in the university town of Marburg an der Lahn. NanoRepro AG’s portfolio comprises seven self-diagnostics: ovulation test, OvuQuick, the pregnancy test GraviQUICK the menopause test MenoQUICK test VagiQUICK vaginal fungus, the innovative grain intolerance test GlutenCHECK, the cholesterol assay CholesterinCHECK and the fertility test for men FertiQUICK.