Infantile Education

The child passes if to hold as if it was really older, following the rules that this situation considers. In this direction, the trick can be considered a resource used for the child, being able in such a way to favor the processes, that are in formation or that they will be completed. The trick is very important and all the child would have to be able to play. The trick contributes for the process of socialization of the children, offering to them chances to carry through collective activities freely, beyond having positive effect for the learning process and stimulating the development of basic abilities and acquisition of new knowledge. Then the professor has that to offer to possibilities and situations of games and tricks, so that he becomes childish has the chance to prove its superiority, to express itself, to run away itself from the real world. ‘ ‘ The game is, therefore, under its two essential forms of exercise sensrio-engine and symbolism, an assimilation of the Real to the proper activity, supplying to this its necessary food and transforming the Real into function of the multiple necessities of I. Therefore, the active methods of education of the children demand all that if a convenient material, so that, playing, they arrive to assimilate the intellectual realities that, without this supplies to the children, remains exterior to intelligence infantil’ ‘.

(Piaget 1976, p.160). Therefore to play is the work of the child, a serious act, and by means of its conquests in the game, it affirms its being, it proclaims its power and its autonomy, explores the world, makes small assays, understands and assimilates its rules gradual and standards, absorb this world in tolerable small doses e. Finally, playing can function as a space through which the child leaves to leave its anguish, she learns to deal with the separation, growing, the autonomy, the limits. To play is more than what an activity without consequence for the child. Playing, it not only of amuses, but recria and interprets the world where she lives if she relates with this world. Playing, the child learns. Therefore, each time more the educators recommend that the games and tricks occupy a place of prominence in the pertaining to school program since the Infantile Education.