The Covenant In The Teaching

One of the evils of our teaching is having chopped its normative jurisdiction into 17 autonomous communities. Thus, each one adopts measures which more picturesque, like the Valencian, which provides education for citizenship in English. The transfer of educational competences was justified in those regions of own vernacular which required a different learning. But the generalization of the standard has since then carried all kinds of arbitrariness. It is the same thing that happens with the regional television, initially only granted to broadcast programs in languages other than the castellana and whose subsequent wasteful excess has led to having twenty channels public, without any justification and absolutely deficit. The regional dispersion of education, instead of striving for excellence has chosen by arbitrariness and extravagance, from the bypassing of other peninsular languages Spanish, until the teaching of any localism to the detriment of common history, geography and culture to the set of Spain. Already when Esperanza Aguirre was Minister of education he wanted to put an end to such nonsense, by establishing a minimum common programme of Humanities. The least that said such attempt in some academic circles was that he was a fascist measure.

And so we are. In successive reports on the State of education in the developed countries, Spain is the last. And we continue to decline. We are not only lagging behind in science and mathematics, but rather the knowledge of the Spanish language is becoming increasingly more deficient. Why, of course, that a educational pact urges. And until a revolution, if you press me. I am however afraid that, as in so many other things, it just put warm cloths to an endemic disease in our system of values and priorities rather than perform surgery that goes beyond the selfish interests of politicians of the day. But I suspect that that is something that will not come to see our sinful eyes.

Education And Action

Education is a vital element for development in all areas of life, certainly not limited to businesses on the Internet precisely. Human capital is the factor that allows to increase the production and this increases with education and work experience. However all that education and the compendium of knowledge that one can accumulate serves very little if not are applied and brought to action. It is typical behaviour of entrepreneurs to accumulate knowledge, educate yourself, invest in your training, but eventually never feel ready for takeoff, to apply the techniques that learn. Their inability to take action condemns them to live in a State of non-productivity, a feeling of being doing wrong things, when in fact the problem is that they are not doing anything.

Is not intended to expand this article, simply conclude: invest in your education but takes action, every technique that you learn and don’t be afraid to errors, that ideal situations do not exist and things never will be applied as you plan. This attitude may be only two things: the success in major or minor scale or; The failure, in which case you’ve learned that technique that you applied does not work and you’ll thus debugging, filtering that serves what not. You’d be building a base of effective knowledge which is also capital in the sense that you will learn from the mistake and won’t commit it, thus saving you time, money and effort.

Ramon Gallegos

This work is based on three books of Ramon Gallegos: the education of the heart, communities of learning and education than the need humanity, also presents educational model multinivel-multidimension. Through them we can gain knowledge of what are the most fundamental guidelines to achieve better levels of consciousness based on a holistic learning, which is presented in this new educational paradigm. Points out Furthermore the process of evolution of consciousness and the corresponding educational paradigms, likewise describes the end of the dominance of the movement of educational quality that has made education a failure. It also presents a model of holistic educational evaluation. In addition, underlines the great importance of financial education in a spiritual context, everything in order to achieve an education holistic whose practice of auto spiritual realization, cultivate happiness, equanimity, compassion and love. The education of the heart. In this book Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava us It presents twelve educational principles fundamental to holistas of 21st century schools, which can be used at all levels where it is through the practical spiritual integral.

so we return to a culture of universal brotherhood. It tells us that learner permits learning comprehensive and thus the evolution of consciousness. To do this you must start by transforming education institutions into learning communities. Holistic learning community is inclusive and applies both to educating students, as well as who is learning about his life, about yourself the educator. In the learning community are all students, it is a continuous process where learning is live and live is to learn as they educate for life and for the life. Integrated curriculum and people. Also that sustainable society is one that is compatible with the learning community holistic, forming human beings in balance with environmental awareness and compassionate attitude, that fight to improve the conditions of life in the future of the planet, developing siem0re the global awareness and global citizenship.


Gilbert Chesterton: This is the only eternal education: be quite sure of one thing, for daring to tell a child. Chinese proverb: If the student does not surpass the teacher, nor is good student; the teacher is not good. By: Alejandro Teresa Martinez my dear Professor, that day her eyes were not green as it liked to see them but reds, as the qualifications of our newsletters. They were repainted notes with outrageous color of blood and that coupled with his big love and well cloaked towards students of third B was the reason for their anger. You us shouted as he didn’t hear her tell us in a loud tone: because of that damn world will lose the year, idiots! remember, Lucy breast? That twenty years ago, our geography and history professor was absolutely right, we were losing the year because of the Argentina 78 World Cup. Even women, who the football, didn’t like were losing year. As they have come and gone global and the temperature of the planet have risen again by these days because of the painless fever that starts in a green rectangle called golf game and spreads everywhere across a box with screen call TV, I decided to come again to this old and ailing classroom where they are still the desks, boards and pintorreadas walls of rude notices alluding to everyone. Desks, boards, walls and notices testify without knowing it the turbulent passage of adolescence and adolescents.The ghost of Aubint Guarnizo with his backpack full of old chewing gum that will rest on the hair of the colleague who is neglected or on the rear of the teachers round out there. I think having also seen the shadow of La Puya Martinez a good project of person whose main interests were football and escape from classes. The first thing was almost always a stimulus for the second.