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Imposed ideology was followed by reason and science, and the new technologies that led to revolutions political and economic partner. The human being, the anthropos returned to being the center of the cosmos, although it sometimes succumbed to the force of numbers, benefits and the accounting for the first time made an book value time. Society emerged, and peoples recognized its signs of identity until the paroxysm of nationalities and the homelands with emblems and invented symbols. Moved by the sophistry of the price and the benefit identified with the value and even the blessings of these gods is silenced, forgot the ciceroniana wisdom that my home is where I can live well (Patria mea est ubi bene vivere possum). General education promoted by the military service was reached and their recruitment even in the mountains, were codified laws and said that every soldier of Napoleon was wearing in his backpack a baton of Marshal and a civil code. Although truly led the conquest and prey cravings own beast self-assurance for power at the expense of the auctoritas, which attracts, produces admiration and instills respect. But the people of Europe and its colonies, in his blindness centrist euro, gave light a new world. Industrial, social, political, trade, economic, scientific revolution and finally the communications revolution that we see coming, relatives and social solidarity more than combatants.

The massacres of the 20th century led to exploitation, hunger, the ignominy, the despair of human beings and the destruction of the environment. In the East of our hearts and minds it enlightens the intuition of a new, cosmic and interindependiente society. With endogenous, sustainable, balanced and global development. That is why our rulers, intellectuals and communicators need to be open to this huge challenge. Not time to blame the State of education in school, at universities and in the professional training centre. To the order and discipline imposed for submission before the prevailing worldview, followed the forbidden ban, make love not war, and the anything goes. We have already seen their results. Or a tear to lament because most would mourn the obsessions suffered for centuries.

They complain of lack of discipline in classes, interest in students, teachers motivation in many countries of the European Union and are preparing to impose outdated corrections and opaque prosthesis. We are living an aurora of humanity as he ever met. If our strategists, politicians and scholars are not able to take on this challenge and pick up the glove of a new humanity, solidarity-based, ecumenical and ecosophic enthusiastically, is better to withdraw and take step to poetry, to not succumb to the threat of chaos. Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo Professor Emeritus of the University Complutense de Madrid (UCM) Director of the CCS original author and source of the article.

El Mercurio Students

If it were a turbine factory or a braid I closed it, tells me about the University of Salamanca one of the few friends remaining one. Why? Because it offers a product obsolete and lacking in quality. I will not be I who take the contrary, Dios me libre, but the same could be said of the other 68 Spanish universities, apoltronadas all of them in the cantonalismo, inbreeding and a recruitment of students based on facilitating certification and not the academic requirement. That is the conclusion that emerges from the relationship of the 200 best centres of higher education in the world, of which only one is Spanish: Universidad de Barcelona. Of course, as he collected article of the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, where I read the news, not there any University in Spanish language, as catalan is the official language in Barcelona. They already see that the thing is not to throw rockets.

List of yore, moreover, is not made to smoke of straw, since the reputation are weighted academic, employment generation, the publications of the faculty, the rate of students for each teacher and the international composition of the cloister. Well well. While we do not even appear in it, the first hundred universities of the world belong to 22 different countries. What kind of graduates is offering, on the other hand, Spain? With that level are going to compete in an increasingly demanding society? The specific situation of Salamanca, whose University or not even figure among the best in this country, is complicated further by the ageing of the teaching staff and its steady decline in the number of students. And since we are not able to export, say it well, something much Solera as our historical University, which other non-existent product could sell? None. So we will have to take advantage of some of the few comparative advantages of our old USAL. The largest of them, its cosmopolitanism, the being of the few centres of Spain that still receives students from the rest of the country two thirds of its students and which maintains an aura of prestige that without correspond to reality, can be used as a powerful marketing tool. Other Spanish universities, as my former prestigious alma mater of Deusto, only already hosting students from their environment. For this reason, our uni will be saved if it manages to attract students who prefer the comfort excellence and diversity to provincialism. But, to achieve this, clear, you must put the batteries. Original author and source of the article.

University Foundation

Authorities, generating the necessary transformations to give feedback older administrative systems that rest on a bureaucracy is inefficient, involving loss of time, cost, operability. Authorities should rescue experience, knowledge of its retired teachers, giving him opportunity to incorporate in chairs that are required of teachers qualified, capable of providing knowledge and motivate future professionals to generate new ones that favor their formation and leading to the change required for an education favorable for the country. Authorities, who are attentive to the changes, the development commitments of the University in safeguarding and reaffirm their autonomy, that as noted by a candidate to the Rector, University autonomy is materialized with the body of doctrine which enshrines his vision, his mission; its principles, its nature and its aims, with the corresponding normative and regulatory framework that gives validity to the University organizational structure. Should the new authorities know more towards the adequate management of finances, with its anemic budget and seek the way of how to increase your income with counselling programmes, contributions to public and private institutions that require their services, taking more advantage its link, in order to rescue their poor participation before the problems the region faces. They must find new ways to enable linkages with respect to governmental institutions such as City Hall, the Interior, with the same status, before new economic openings that it is undertaking, in where some faculties may favour, like economics, Sciences, engineering, health who can contribute their knowledge and generate results that benefit all. You must give way to one University Foundation that offers the service of business incubation in order to train new entrepreneurs who have developed their products and create SMEs that favor the region, to the country. Founding his own University Hospital, given that it has human resources and land to develop it, guaranteeing a service that would promote the region.

Complutense University

Then only golds men. Now I know that she is happy and has been happy because it happened something that seems simple but is complicated if the time that we are talking about is a lifetime; She loved and was reciprocated. Now my grandmother enjoys his old age and the tranquility. She walks towards the end of his life. But I’ve always thought that she is eternal. Perhaps because when I kiss him on the cheeks, again and again, I feel that I am part of my youth. It may seem absurd but I have always believed that no one wants to die in this world if he feels loved.

Why I want you, to give you life. The life that she gave to my mother. The life that she gave me to me indirectly. And the life that still gives me every day when I want as much as I want her. And as a counterpoint, I start my life from today.

I am seventeen years old and next year will go to the University. I will prepare my suitcases loaded with memories and I will pass on to Madrid to study Philology at the Complutense University. In a time where the Humanities suffer from a very serious crisis, I can not give back to my intellectual roots. Farmed my devotion to letters from my crib when I was still a baby. In each nana, every word, every hug of my grandmother I felt her writing from your heart. Because my grandmother might not have written many books, or you have received hundreds of awards. My grandmother wrote his life and in this life I have found my best legacy of wisdom. Original author and source of the article.

Cesar Vallejo University

We must place on record that in one Master’s degree or doctorate in law not all languages can be studied from a point of view legal, but only in very elementary form, therefore, it is clear that we must study how studies to part, to effect to make comparative law also with regard to right of countries in which it is spoken foreign languages, as they are by the way those mentioned previously. We note that dictates the professional career of languages, which we consider that it should be studied in order to right compared with all the advantage that may be necessary, however, few have taken into account these studies, and in any case it is clear that we do not know of any Peruvian survey who has studied this career in Cesar Vallejo University in Lima, therefore, must put on record that the market be free so that young lawyers can start their studies in this subject. It is necessary to put on record that the world not languages are spoken only two as would be by the way the English and the Spanish, which must be subject of study by writers, and even languages may be matter of comparison. I.e., this topic is very extensive, so it is clear that we must take into account in order to understand the comparative, e.g. law if we compare the Chinese and German with Italian law, or when we want to study that family legal belongs to Japan and China to. Comparative law is the discipline legal in which language technicians have greater importance, which should be a matter of study by writers. I.e. not only enough to know the languages but also must master is the language from a point of view or juridical approach, e.g. English law or French law, German law, Chinese law, Japanese law, Brazilian law, Portuguese legal, among other cases.