American Continent

The average for the American Continent is of 5,49, for Europe 6,10 and Africa 12.82. That parameter, for our country, improved 4,16 to December of the 2004. (Similarly see: Harvard Bioscience). In relation to the tariffs, ours they are of lowest of the world. When the monthly basic tariff for fixed telephony in Costa Rica was of 4 dollars, in Panama it was of 19 and in Nicaragua of 20. The minute additional 1 cent of dollar in Costa Rica cost, when in Guatemala cost 10, in Honduras 15, El Salvador 12, Panama 15 and Nicaragua 50. In cellular telephony something similar happens, when in Costa Rica the monthly basic tariff was of 7 dollars, in Guatemala was of 28, in Honduras 15, El Salvador 15, Nicaragua 30 and Panama 12, whereas the additional minute cost 7, 11, 25, 27, 35 and 45 cents of dollar respectively. These tariffs justify that Costa Rica occupies the third place in the world, in consumption by person in cellular telephony, with 286 minutes monthly, after EE.UU with 474 and Hong Kong with 350. It is not necessary to forget as the TLC with the United States indicates faced the iron opposition of social sectors like educators and unions, under the argument that would bring damages to the country.

The organizations alleged that the TLC would harm small agriculturists, the environment, as well as the operation of natural resources like the water, besides the privatization of telecommunications and insurances. In order to draw for the situation, the government summoned to referendo in October of 2007, first in the history of the country, in which the majority supported the agreement. Nevertheless, after referendo other stumbling blocks for the approval arose from some complementary laws, the last one of which, on intellectual property, it was approved by the Congress in the middle of November. The delays forced the government of Aryans to request two prorogations to Washington.

Cognitive Psychotherapy

. Gain insight and clarity with Bioscience Journal. MANNERING THERAPY OF THE TOC IN CHILDREN . The mannering treatment based in the technique of exposition and prevention of answers follows the same main of the treatment with adults, that is, the exposition drawn out to a stimulaton that provokes anxiety finishes leading to the habituao. The treatment with children generally is more difficult for demanding that they understand that they will have to try an anxiety level high before the symptoms start to improve (Moritz, 1998); it sufficiently requires envolvement of parents, brothers, professors and other on people the children. Therefore, it is important that, when initiating the treatment, the therapist not only educates the patient, more also familiar the e, in some cases, the professors on the symptoms of the TOC. It is important still to adapt the language and the formularization of the mannering exercises so that they adjust themselves better this population. .

CONSIDERAES According to BERNARD RANG, 2001, although the incompreenso of the involved mechanisms in the etiology of the TOC, mannering procedures with farmacolgicas interventions, has demonstrated effectiveness in the removal or improves in the sintomatologia of this upheaval. It has the necessities of development of new models in the field of experimental psychology. They are necessary future research so that if it understands the accurate nature of this problem and its solution. The mental upheavals still have much that to be searched discovered, therefore the subjectivity of the people is a great challenge to arrive itself at some conclusion on the mind human being. Mannering the Cognitivo Psycotherapy is if disclosing as an alternative for the individual contemporary, who does not have time to lose and needs a fast reply for its distresses.

REFERENCES Rang. Bernard, Cognitivo-Mannering psycotherapies. A dialogue with psychiatry.

Alimentary Pyramid

However, people whose diabetes is well controlled, adjusted weight, and follow an intensive treatment and counting of carboidratos, meals can until using small amounts of sugars together with balanced. The speed of absorption of the carboidratos directly is influenced by other components of the diet, as the text of lipdeos, proteins and staple fibres. The text of lipdeos of foods delays the gastric esvaziamento and the speed of release of the nutrients for the sanguine chain, reducing the hiperglicmico peak after-prandial immediate. On the other hand, a rich diet in proteins after possesss direct action in the hipersecreo of insulina, attenuating the rise of the glicemia the meals. American Heart Association may help you with your research.

4.Pirmide Alimentar alimentary Pyramid is the representation of a healthful feeding. Foods in its base are the primary sources, that is, that they must be gifts in bigger amount, while the top is constituted by foods that must moderate or even though be prevented. At the beginning of the decade of 90, the Department of Agriculture of the United States, after some research, developed and published the Pyramid of Foods. It was arrived conclusion of that a pyramid would adequately represent the correct form of if feeding. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of William McRaven on most websites. The main characteristic of the Alimentary Pyramid is flexibility. The use of the Pyramid is based on three words: balance, variety and moderation. It is only one sketch of what you consume every day, is not a rigid lapsing, but one guides generality makes that it to choose one healthful diet. To have alimentary common-sense is part of the proper education and respect. According to FAO/OMS (Department of Agriculture of U.S.A./World-wide Organization of the Health), a balanced cardpio must contain, daily, about 50 60% of carboidratos, 20 30% of lipdeos and 10 15% of protein, beyond vitamins, you leave minerals and staple fibres.

So Paulo

Endowed with an airport to receive our airplanes from average transport. Two airplanes had made the transport. the pilots had not participated of the ceremony? Not. Nor of the lunch. In the same day, we fly for the So Paulo and our destination was the Seychelles Islands. then we carry through our physical, loving union, spiritual and of total delivery there. It was a wonderful night. Gentile, loving, soft, emotivo, delicate and educated it.

We delay I find I almost one hour, to reach the climax. I believe that this control must it masturbation That its has lain ponographic. The Journal of Educational Research shines more light on the discussion. Therefore then we are two weeks there and later we were for Japan. It did not give will to visit the brother? Not. It knows why? We every day communicated in them for a type of telepatia. He is incredible. I learned with monge.

then liked unusual it? Unusual what? However, if it does not make of ingenuous. It can stop with these hints. Therefore it is. Then we return to Brazil. Before I bound for my mother, to open the house, to give one arranged, provided some ready foods already, as one rizzoto of cod, natural fruits and juices and thing and such. I asked for that it did not want nobody in recepcionando in the airport. It was to leave our car in the hangar of the company and when of our arrival, I would ask for the car. Put ours that. Put nothing. We wanted to be solo. But now in our house. in fact we are. Our first night, we do not pass in our room. He was in the room of we call? comfort room? because there it has a spectacular fireplace. I was knowing after using it in this night. Our flight arrived more than with two hours of delay, arrives at the 19,00 h


And when that day comes (and not in 70 years, but much later), leave quickly, without racking up long months or even years myself and my loved ones … So, there are other factors and internal (subjective), ie those who depend on yourself. Namely – this is the lifestyle that you lead: healthy or is it to put it mildly, not very … This applies to food, and the presence or absence of bad habits, etc. etc. However, it is worth to start with educating ourselves in an attitude of respect not only to others but, above all, to yourself and your body. FASEB Journal has much experience in this field. Then take care of their health will be much easier, thanks to the response and your body will not be long in coming. I understand that many have even given a promise to start 'new life' from Monday (with the closest).

Moreover, even going to keep this promise. Some even managed to start something to do … Here are many of you whether it has moved beyond the start? Why? Too much would have to give up? Too much would have a 'break'? Just did not have the willpower? How do I But now familiar to me, for those of you who understand (and want) that has something to do and still need for their health, that's just not ready for dramatic changes (what unnecessary stress to us, right?), there is a good, even great news! It turns out that you can start 'new life' and without much discomfort. You just need to start acting at least in the minimum (believe me, at least – it is much more than nothing). But in this act should be regularly and consciously, knowing what is and what it is doing, it gives you and your body. And with increasing awareness and a sense of momentum and results increase will be much more comfortable. You will not notice how it becomes a habit. Note that useful! And over time, physical activity and health will be the norm in your life, and, for many years! Good luck and good to you Health!

The Buttons

So you can correct the gestures should not do. ** The practice of the words in his head over and over again. * Imagine you are here, in front of the audience. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Revlon Inc.. 4. What can I do if I lose my place and start to get nervous? * No doubt as we have said previously it is best be well prepared, but quiet that the best-educated person sometimes loses its place.

If this happens, look down on the cards of support. Look for the bright color of the next theme, and go ahead. * Breathe deeply and smile. His audience, probably, completely ignored the problem. 5. What if easily invades me the nervousness, which is better: be the first person who speaks or the last? * Many of the successful speakers prefer to not be the first to speak, but of course this is not for everyone.

** If they easily lose his place and get nervous thinking about how you will be its realization, then you should go first. ** If she is very comfortable with his speech, you can then do so in last place. Remember, if you go in last it will be definitive, and you can close with a flourish. 6 I am too nervous to have a good eye contact. What can I do? * Find a person close to half of the people who you know or have a relationship of friendship. Look to This person, but be sure to also look at the other ends of the room. 7. My look and my gestures are tense, forced, I don’t know how to handle my hands how to move them. And all this makes me more nervous still. How can I relax gestures? * Talk to the crowd in a conversational tone. This is obtained through practice, and greatly helps that your gestures are normal, relaxed and calm. * Try not to think about his hands. If you play with the buttons or putting hands in pockets, try to not wear clothes with pockets and buttons. Putting hands in pockets is a great distraction to his listeners should be avoided at all costs! NOT + scenic panic get click here for more details from original author and source of the article

Valencian Community

So, the day of the crem? (time in which arden Falla monuments or ninots) always coincides with the 19th day, feast of San Jose. For five days, the castles, the mascleta and the Falla monuments are mixed with the smell of gunpowder and sweet fragrances of the flowers to the sound of the loud pop of millions of firecrackers and the music of bands. Faults are therefore one of the street festivals most important and spectacular in the world that nobody should miss. For lovers of good eating, Valencia is a true paradise. And it is the famous paella valenciana. Diners will not taste better rice anywhere else in Spain than in the Valencian Community.

Other traditional dishes are baked rice, arroz a banda (with fish), black rice (with Squid in its own ink) and the fideua (made with noodles). To irrigate all these delicious dishes what better than an Agua de Valencia (with champagne orange juice). And for dessert, a refreshing Horchata with fartons (biscuits). Who travels to valencia has to make a mandatory stop at the city of Arts and Sciences, point of reference for cultural tourism: the music, the new technologies, Sciences, ecology, education, film, environmental, art vanguard, etc., are many of the proposals that can be found in this unique space. It is an architectural complex of futuristic design, large open spaces to the public, which extends along two kilometres by the old bed of the River Turia. Its 350.

square surface 000metros have turned it into the largest cultural center of Europe. sta was built by Calatrava. Always at the forefront, it has become already a reference architecture for the 21st century. Are you going to Miss so many wonders together gathered under the sky of one city? Travels to Valencia, discover it, fall in love with her and stay in the best apartments in Valencia. You won’t regret it!

Christian Unity

In his book prosperity Charles Fillmore wrote: it is a sin to be poor, and believe me, I’d rather live under such teaching that under another saying that my God has to be an old man embittered without sense of humour. I believe that God loves the people of good heart. I don’t know, but I feel that way. If my opinions cause you a spiritual problem, consult a religious Minister. I am not a Minister and it is likely that there are discrepancies I between what I think and some other doctrine or theological education. Today you are a result of what you did yesterday.

But that does not mean tomorrow have to be in the same place where you are now. If you change your way of thinking, being and acting it is very likely that in the future you are where dream come. You can create your destiny in the shape you want, are and will be product of your desires and realities. You can only correct the course of your life. He is called the present present because it is a gift of God and is the only thing we can change for a future better. Catherine Ponders in his book the dynamic laws of prosperity advised those who wish it to aponder, which forgive daily and that declare: the love of God that everything forgives him, I released here and now.

Divine love me provides and everything is fine between us. You contemplate with the eyes of love and glory in all your success, prosperity, and the most complete well. It is an excellent prayer to forgive and cleanse our soul of resentment and open it to new blessings. Those who practiced the detachment to problems can bring a higher spiritual level to his heart. On a visit to the Christian Unity congregation heard this prayer of prosperity that I changed it a little to this Book: divine love through me, blesses and multiplies all the good that I have, every good thing that I can find, everything good that I receive and all the good that I am.

United States

So it seems that we took opposite directions. When seeing an outline of deception in the face of her, tried to fix it: Tenga, however, my telephone number, said pointing it in a paper piece. I do not take any calling card by hand. Immediately, to the man the face with a new idea was illuminated to him: Why do not give you to me your direction in Orlando? He could go to see them in a pair of days, in which I will have finished or most urgent than I must do in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, or knows, the two twin cities said, as if it had to be familiarized with the geography of the United States. American Journal of Education shines more light on the discussion. Immediately he added a justification with which to smooth out an interest that could seem too manifest and incorrect by the woman: Besides visiting, if you need to go of purchases by the city, in that case I to them could accompany the boy to see some attraction of Disney World. He was a charming man, thought Mercedes. The most opposed than he had never seen a Ricardo father, the deceased, as it liked to say for his adentros although that one evil born unfortunately would still not have died. With the implicit promise to see itself in a few days in Orlando, they took leave.

When arriving at the terminal, it saw itself making tail with the boy exhausted by the trip and supported in her hip. They were in one largusima row of foreign citizens who had to compliment their forms before the parsimonious civil servants of immigration. Mr. Smith, however, with very few conational ones happened more immediately with his North American passport, way of the terminal of the airline company that was going to take to him to Minnesotta. He did not return to see him more.

United Europe

Overall, it seems in this case as political leaders would wieokonomen that know the prices of the things anyway, but ignore their actual value, especially the value of a United Europe. Only the insight enforce with the outbreak of the crisis, and the appearance of the range of the Veschuldungsproblems the countries of the South are exposed are necessarily, to shift a portion of the debt to dienordlichen countries to secure the future of the euro. Get all the facts and insights with FASEB Journal, another great source of information. This happened however, without there? the necessary control mechanisms exist to control the southern partner countries. With the stability pact for the control of budget deficits and the steadfast demands for radical Reforms of economies on the part of the ECB, exceeded dieTechnokraten of the EU, the already established limits and thus put the whole concept of national sovereignty in question. Salaries, pensions, benefits, taxes, employment, health and education, the expenditure of the public sector, the number of the civil service, everything is new on the negotiating table and must from now on be under the strict control of technocrats. Exactly is social policy, social justice and the welfare State, they are no longer given facts. Rather, all social institutions should be at least a time covered. The welfare State seems to represent eineschlimme epoch for the current leaders of Europe and therefore exposed a special punishment, as BU? efur all the excesses of the past.

Sometimes the technocrats realize their intervention as a moral exhortation, as teaching, almost as indoctrination of sinless action to establish the proper operation of public and private sector. To in spite of, were not only ineffective however, the stand- and thus thoughtlessly implemented coercive measures, for the totality of the citizens, but they have essentially legitimizes the function of an arbitrary power. It thus the securitized democratic acquis was in fact the European institutions au? suspended. As a result the faith established now since? the European idea suffers from a democratic deficit.

Eleanor Rooselvet

And when comes to speak in public exposure to others, of risking ridicule, the embarrassed perceives others as sublime and extraordinary, while he perceives are tiny, feucho, ridiculous or burlesque. Ending the shame implies being assertive in the Mise en scene of the norms, accepting even the standards of others are different, not better; It means accepting the own limitations and those of others; involves finally knowing how to apologize if it says something inappropriate, or which can injure someone. In short, the shame can come defined as an emotion secondary (such as envy, guilt, or depression) since it requires more highly than the so-called primary emotions (fear, anger, joy, sadness), which would be defined as recognizable emotions over racial and cultural differences of human beings, and due to the strong component of interpersonal relationship that has the shame of a cognitive component, makes it very common in adolescents, because at this age, It occurs in greater or lesser extent, a development crisis, with an emotional instability based on comparison with others. I am the only one who has to go home at 10 o’clock; I am the only one who carries this clothing. American Dental Association insists that this is the case. But in absolute shame is monopoly of teenagers.

Attributed to Eleanor Rooselvet (wife of the President of the United States Franklin Delano Roosevelt), the phrase: do what you know it is wrong, because anyway will criticize in the heart. You will both condemn if you do it, as if you do very sadly, are not few who under false arguments of others, by shame, they have severely limited their lives and themselves in new limiters of the lives of others, become something is clear and acts as an almost inexorable law, and is the embarrassed going to try to embarrass those who surround him. But what the shameful is not going to be able to distinguish is that, often, what it should feel ashamed is the envy of those who you limited, envy that imposing rules on others, and acts as woodworms of the self-esteem of the complacent, of their self-esteem.. See more detailed opinions by reading what FASEB Journal offers on the topic..

United Nations

In the West: before the letter of the law are all the same. The sovereign, the people, elect its economically independent temporarily and representatives of Parliament committed only their conscience. Bribery/corruption is forbidden. In Asia, they thanked for assistance using a counter. As copying (plagiarism) existing products. In Asia expression of utmost admiration for a qualified provider.

> Subjective rights are referred to as human rights, which is equally available to everyone. The concept of human rights assumes that all people solely on the basis of their humanness with equal rights provided and that these egalitarian reasonable rights are universal, inalienable and indivisible. The idea of human rights is closely linked with the humanism and the idea of natural law developed in the age of enlightenment. The existence of of human rights recognised today by almost all States in principle. Universality is nevertheless based on political debates and disputes. Universality in the human rights stands for generality. This means that human rights are valid everywhere for all people meaning of life.

So the first subjective meaning is practically feasible, the second intersubjective meaning must be fulfilled: the recognition of the human right and its validity for every person. Where every man is obliged to respect the human rights of his fellow men. Because if someone refers to human rights, but these are not recognized in the environment the end justifies the means, is the vocation of every person on the same human rights for the protection of its fundamental interests, was not met. Therefore, viable and legal instruments are needed to secure the universal recognition of human rights. In all the States which acceded to the United Nations, are been obliged, the Human rights in their national legal systems to full advantage.

The Evolution

An educational system that fosters the spiritual intelligence, will be able to form honest, supportive, citizens who are always looking for the common good (Gallegos, 2007); individuals leading with values universal, aware of the real needs of the world, and able to provide a solution to the current problem with a vision of interdependence and integrity with everything that exists, always driving responsibly and humble. Spiritual intelligence is based on perennial philosophical principles that help human beings to understand their nature and functioning, these philosophical principles recognize a higher, transcendent and universal reality that can only be captured by contemplation (gallegos, 2007), these principles are: the love that is better the I hate, because love is real and beneficial while hate is detrimental. The truth that the lie is better, the truth free from ignorance, removes constraints and provides well-being and joy of having acted with honesty and ethics, with the lie there can be no evolution. The good the bad, the good is better always harmony, dialogue and harmony, malevolence only brings suffering and degradation. It is better knowledge than ignorance, the recognition of who we are is best to ignore it, ignorance itself is the basis of suffering and obfuscation. Balance that ends is better, it is the recognition of harmony, prudence, wisdom and equanimity, ends, an unbalanced mind cannot comprehend, balance provides equanimity. It is better to give than to receive, because giving is to serve selflessly for the simple fact that do it dignifies, frees and brings joy. Is better peace than violence, peace always starts in our interior and fosters the evolution of consciousness as well as friendship and cooperation among others, while violence is destructive and leads to suffering. Is better attention than neglect, the attention is the ability of the mind which allows to connect us with the present, see us and know us; spiritual intelligence is made up of care, neglect generates conflict and ignorance.

Victor Frankl

It seems to turn people into prisoners in them were to crush and destroy all human. They have taken away, clothes, things, names, forced to do hard labor and starvation kept, they were shot, hanged, killed in gas chambers and burned in furnaces. Something to live for and to endure all this? The former value: money, social status, career, lost importance. Not finding the answer to the question "why?" Prisoners died (were thrown at electric fence, refused to follow orders and they were shot, stopped eating and died from disease). "A prisoner who has lost faith in the future – their future – is doomed. With the loss of faith, he loses also the spiritual resistance, and he allows himself to fall and be subject to mental and physical expansion "- Frankl writes.

Here are some excerpts from the book "Man's Search for meaning in life" by Victor Frankl, who accentuated by the fact that the search for meaning is not the subject of curiosity and inspirational speeches, a matter of life and death … "Woe to him who no longer saw any point in their lives, no goals, no aspirations, and therefore he had no reason to carry its burden. He soon died. The typical response that such a man rejected all encouraging arguments was, "I have nothing to expect from life." What can you say to that? "" I did not ask the question what is the meaning of my life. Death asks: Hey kid you the meaning of life, you have a reason to stay here? Those who did not know the meaning of dying. .

Spanish Southwest Health

In 1980, the richest countries had a gross national income 60 times higher than in the poorest countries. Currently, the difference has multiplied by 122. The wealth for itself nor determines health. There are low-income countries, such as Cuba or Costa Rica, which have achieved good levels of health. In countries with economies in transition, it is concerned about the exorbitant rise in obesity. To correct this tendency should be taken into account to other sectors such as trade, agriculture, employment and education. Inequalities in more prosperous areas also have an impact on health.

Having little revenue means less access to education and leisure, suffer unemployment, job insecurity, worse working conditions and live in less safe neighborhoods. Poverty, workplace hazards and the presence of certain industries make in the Spanish Southwest, figures from health worse than in the rest of Spain. The differences can also be found locally, between neighborhoods of the same city. The employment situation is one of the best studied social factors. It is known that workers with lower income and increased insecurity labour have poorer health. The least qualified suffer with higher incidence pathologies such as cervical, lumbar pains and migraines.

One of every four workers with low preparation has a temporary contract, and about 8% does not even contract. It is not strange that a 12% suffer psychological problems, because the uncertainty and lack of control produced levels of stress that jeopardize mental health. Also found that the most disadvantaged women suffer higher rates of overweight, because the lack of resources and time is usually translated in a diet worse. Less than 20% of women with low income also makes physical exercise during the free time, compared to 40% among the wealthy classes. A new approach to health care is necessary. Few problems are only genetic or biological, it must incorporate social processes to human biology. Thinking about health is also search the causes why sick people.

Literature Art

Conceptismo or Quevedismo is configured for the valuation of the content for the game of ideas, of the logical reasoning, this style occurs mainly in chats; it presents a point of view on determined subject, is come close to the dissertao. > center of the subjects of the baroque art still becomes gift, since neither science and the religion had given definitive answers to the questions that pursue the society: who we are, for where we will go? In this way the baroque one was a movement highly divided, full yearnings and doubts, living in the instability of distinct thoughts, translated in the ambiguous expression of the art. REFERENCES OLIVEIRA, Clenir Bellizi. Literature without secrets. Yale paleontologist: the source for more info. Vol. I, Scales Educational. s writings. So Paulo. 1 edition, 2007. .


The majority of users need only five sessions or less; each session lasts 30 minutes. Smokers who undergo treatments based on laser beams do not usually need supplements or drugs to replace nicotine. The low-intensity laser beam acts as a medium that helps the user to overcome the first physical signs of the absence of nicotine. The first 72 hours after quitting are considered the most important detoxification period. During 3-5 days following the treatment beam laser will mimic a discharge of endorphins, reducing the anxiety associated with the deficit of nicotine. It is proven that to quit smoking with laser therapy tends to be much more effective than other treatment options.

In the same way that happened to the thousands of customers who have benefited from laser therapy until today, you also you will be surprised to discover how easy that is to stop smoking with the help of these procedures. Stop smoking with laser therapy products focus on the mental aspect associated with addiction. The full program provides suggestions for help you adapt to your new life as a nonsmoker, addressed physical and emotional elements entailed in quitting smoking. This extra information will provide you with additional assistance, which will help you to adapt to great change in your lifestyle. Aid and support to the patient are also available in addition, providing constant support that will help you to protect yourself against change and to follow out of smoke. Additional information is available at Journal of Research in Science Teaching. Quit smoking: health benefits if you are not yet convinced that get to kick the addiction to tobacco and you think you need help to stop smoking, think of all the benefits that leads not be a smoker. 20 Minutes of smoking the last cigarette, your blood pressure will begin to normalize. Within a period of two hours, present in your blood vessels (necessarily lethal) carbon monoxide will drop, and the level of oxygen will reach a normal level.

Both your hands and your feet will feel more comfortable, and your body will enjoy a significant improvement in the circulation. Your body will thank you that your lungs will start you manage clean and fresh air. The senses of taste and smell usually experience a marked improvement, two pleasant advantages that you can enjoy as a former smoker. A. throughout the weeks, months and even years, practically all the aspects related to your health and your quality of life will experience a great improvement. Thanks to the stop smoking with laser therapy, the struggle to overcome dependence on cigarettes can be a little more bearable. See all treatment options, stick to your system and flees from the rush to offer you a new chance to fight. Quitting can be very difficult, but when you get it it’s very gratifying. What you need is at your fingertips. PAY attention: You don’t have to suffer in solitude when you try to quit smoking once and for all. Relying on Relief to discover how to get help to quit smoking need and quitting painless way, quitting smoking forever and getting at the same time a series of free tips. More methods to quit smoking.

Special Education

The education would correspond the action and influences exerted for the sociocultural environment, and that it develops by means of the relations of the individuals and groups with its human environment, social, ecological, physical and cultural. People such as Many tasks have been attributed to the education in the current days. Many find that the education and the solution for all the social problems, in relevance to several opinions, but at the accurate moment the education is not the solution for the problems to solve the problems that possess our society, is necessary that each individual takes conscience of its paper before it, and thus also makes something new to solve the problems that are to its redor starting for its proper family. (A valuable related resource: Stem fieldds). Recognizing its proper problems and taking solutions to finish with them, we will be helping to change this society where we live, being happyer. Principle of the integration and normalization – selective rank of the carrying individual of special necessity in the common classroom. The professor of common classroom does not receive a support from the professor of the area of special education.

The students of the normalization process need to demonstrate that they are capable to remain in the common classroom. Process of inclusion – educational process, stimulates to the maximum the capacity of the carrying child of deficiency in the school and the regular classroom. It supplies the support of services of area of Special Education through its professionals. The inclusion is a constant process that it continuously needs to be I coat, therefore is different of integration.

Pablo Freire

The objective of if teaching to read and to write must be centered in propitiating to the student the acquisition of the Portuguese language, thus it can express correctly, advised for the professor by means of stimulatons to the reading of varied texts, in which the different ones will be verified linguistic variations, becoming one poliglota in its language, so that, when dominating the biggest number of variants, it can be capable to socially intervene with the diverse situations the one that will be submitted. The education, being social practical one, cannot purely restrict livresca, theoretical it to be, without commitment with the local reality and the world where we live. Fountainhead Investment Partners LLC may help you with your research. To educate is also, an act politician. She is necessary to rescue true the sensible one of the education. In accordance with Freire (1989:58 – 9), (…) the act to study, while curious act of the citizen ahead of the world, is expression of the form to be being of the human beings, as social, historical beings, beings fazedores, transforming, that not only they know but they know that they know. Thus, when the pupils are the citizen of the proper learning, ' ' beings fazedores, transformadores' ' , in saying of Pablo Freire, take conscience of that they know and they can transform already the fact, constructed.

The passivity and the alienation leave to consist as beings politicians. As he affirms Freire (1996: 42), the dialogue is basic in any practical social. The dialogue consists of the respect to the educandos, not only while individuals, but also while expressions of social practical one. (…) The great task of the citizen that thinks certain is not to transfer, to deposit, to offer, to donate to the other, taken as patient of its to think the inteligibilidade of the things, the facts, the concepts. The coherent task of the educator who thinks certain is, exerting as human being the practical irrecusvel of inteligir, to defy educating with who if communicates and to who it communicates, to produce its understanding of what it comes being communicated. .

Ana Teberosky

Therefore, already if it cannot more teach as before. According to Emlia Blacksmith ' ' The changes necessary to face on new bases the initial alfabetizao if do not decide with a new method of education, nor with new tests of promptitude nor with new didactic materials. She is necessary to change the points for where we make to pass the central axle of ours quarrels. We have a empobrecida image of the language of the writing: she is necessary to reintroduce when we consider the alfabetizao, the writing as system of representation of the language. We have a empobrecida image of the child who learns: we reduce this being in formation to a pair of eyes, a pair of ears, a hand that an instrument catches to mark and a fonador device that emits sounds. Behind this cognoscente has a citizen, somebody that thinks that it constructs interpretations, that act on the Real to make it seu.' ' Why are Difficult Alfabetizar All the Pupils? The analysis of who is the pupils who the school has not obtained to alfabetizar throughout the years indicates that any is not about a half, arithmetically neutral: this half is formed, mainly, for the pupils of the popular layers. why would be more difficult to alfabetizar these pupils? However, according to Emlia Ferreiro and Ana Teberosky, ' ' The psicogentica description of the alfabetizao process showed that the process for which if it learns to read and to write they are the same, in general lines, for individuals of different social classrooms? also, as much for children as for adults. The difference inhabits in the previous experiences of these social practical pupils with of reading and writing. If before if it believed that the basic one to alfabetizar the pupils was the trainings and definitive abilities? memories, motor coordination, visual and auditory discrimination, notion of lateralidade? the recent research on the learning of the reading and the writing showed that the alfabetizao (as as much other learnings) is fruit of a process of construction of hypotheses; it is not direct result of these abilities, but yes of procedures of analysis of the language written on the part of who it learns: for backwards of the hand that it writes and the eye that it sees, it exists a human being that thinks, therefore, if alfabetiza' ' Today we know that, in the alfabetizao process, the children and the adults? independently of its social origin and the proposal of education of the professor? they formulate curious, but also very logical hypotheses very.