Help to self-help in Guatemala, a nutrition and education project with visible successes of Grundau, April 3, 2008 sub and malnutrition remain also to mark World Health Day on April 7, 2008, significant problems in many parts of the world population. According to the action plan to the United Nations world food worldwide every fourth toddler suffering from five years of hunger. Lower and malnutrition due to too little and one-sided diet affect the physical and mental development and have also consequences for the mental condition of growing children and adolescents. The Hessian children future (Rudolf Walther Foundation) therefore always especially on an adequate and balanced diet of adolescents respects in all its projects around the world help for children in need. See Journal of Teacher Education for more details and insights. Also the children suffering from emergency and young people are supported so that they are put in the position to be able to care for themselves even. Ron Daniels is full of insight into the issues. Help to help themselves is an important goal, but it is not only given but also through active participation in our projects called\”defines Hans-Georg Bayer, Executive Board, the Foundation thought of the Hessian children future (Rudolf Walther Foundation).

So we understand our sustainability applied emergency help children and young people for two decades around the world.\” \”The most recent example: In the Guatemalan Highlands village la Esperanza\” (to German: hope) the future of children (Rudolf Walther Foundation) 2006 launched a nutrition and education project, which is considered a project of hope for a better life in the truest sense of the word. Actually, the Central American State has the reputation as the \”Land of eternal spring\” with a mild climate and fertile landscape of volcanic origin. Most people in the Highlands however struggling with extreme poverty and malnutrition so the inhabitants of this village, which is located at approximately 2,000 m above sea level. A majority of children in La Esperanza suffered from massive malnutrition and the specific effects and diseases, such as severe skin diseases, dental problems, Dwarfism and massive underperformance.