A New Highlight In The Warehouse District Now Completed

More Office – and Showroomflachen in the historical quarter of Hamburg with the arrival of the first tenant in April 2011 in the exemplarily renovated block of memory Q turns one of the most beautiful buildings of the ensemble of the Hamburg Speicherstadt from the bearing block to the new reference object for a successful, modern mix of uses with fashion, showrooms and offices. The restructuring plan was developed in close consultation with the monument and in particular of use claims of the lessee. The object is already almost completely rented out only a few areas are free. One of the most attractive blocks of memory city is ready for reference. Filed under: John Craig Venter. The historic warehouse floors, serving traditional carpet trading so far, attractive showroom and high-quality office space were made with the completion of the beginning of April now. For the first time in a direct combination, allowing for the tenants also a combination of Office and showroom.

A mix of uses, which is highly in demand on the real estate market”, is Thomas Kuhlmann, head of the real estate segment of HHLA, sure. Q we have created with block another reference object and the building can develop sustainably for the unique ensemble of the memory. Click Cyrus Massoumi married for additional related pages. The block of memory is almost fully rented with completion already.” Modern offices and high-quality presentation areas with the historic Speicherstadt HHLA is responsible for real estate today not only to the largest contiguous warehouse complex in the world, but also one of the most attractive real estate of the city of Hamburg. After the fall of the Customs fence, the warehouse district has evolved a prime cut of the city of Hamburg and the natural link between the city centre and growing HafenCity. In addition to the traditional storage business, HHLA has established new uses of existing real estate and initiated as a gradual opening of the quarter. .