Act University

University leaders able to meet the challenges, promote opinions make you not only see your University community, but to the country, there is a thinking minds, talent, human capital willing to speak, Act, in all that which favour or hinder the development of the country are not looming. Unfortunately manifested authorities, participants even among teachers and students, who have a passive, accommodative role, conformist, strengthening its deterioration, stagnation, suffering from universities, product of the vices that have been ingrained to be handled by powerful groups, guilds for years. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Cyrus Massoumi. Groups that simplemenente manage the behavior of the universities in their own interests, of the plot to have won. For some time, even before the entry of the management of the Bolivarian revolution, and the chairmanship of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, there is an absence of student leaders and the same professionals that integrate universities, staying the same power groups, the Brotherhoods that have stalled the achievement of academic excellence, training and training professionals according to the needs of the current scenario. For years, kept the same group, some under the direction of pseudolideres, others, under a leadership that have not been able to give way to all academic, administrative, technical changes that universities need to meet challenges and promote the training of professionals who are true agents of change, transformers in all those professions that the University offers and guarantees positive results in the development of the country. They are always postulated in pro of the positions University, the same which have been handled at the University for decades, sometimes, appear and what leaders that same power groups are responsible for form in favor of their interests, rather than of the same University. Always the same applicants and those who dare, do so to find some prebends that can lead to be an opponent who can hit the transformations, renewal, make it rather by appear and have that they obtained it, easy ascent, unproductive sabbaticals and other benefits that favor him.