Affairs Performance

In this type of open learning is an imitative change and design of the already existing. Here lies the opportunity, the innovative and creative moment of open learning in the training boat”to pick up. Real learning, exploratory, which evolved from the situational communication itself is not fed by the maintaining of the canons of resistance, but is experiencing food through the meaningful, is occurring in Affairs break with the context. Teaching performance and implementation of reality is understood. The classroom becomes a stage.

It takes place in real time education performance. Education is a gift. Education is a surprising, evolving from the time, availability, and manufacturability of the event. The education provider will education and training only if he demands nothing back and forget his actions, so that to parents or to stimulating learning gains the freedom to be self executive education process. The Processuality of the pedagogical situation unfolds beyond or beneath any also professional intentionality. “With the fulfillment of the target, in the educational institutions on the individual equity being” to enable an instrument is made him available, which allows criticism is possible, alternatives can be considered and changes can be triggered. Understand the lessons rather than pretend. Teaching rather than lecture, but as action inviting to the dialectic.

Performative teaching is reflected in the joint implementation of the practical. He lists himself and becomes similar to the theatrical performance, which never twice presents itself for the show direction finder in the own experience in the same way, even if they bring the same Worttext to the performance of the unique performance. Sound not exciting and exciting at the same time? Can you imagine that students could sleep in a such designed learning process? If the knowledge through joint action and personal rings to the thing in appearance occurs and no longer will people poured into. This process is closely connected with physicality, touch, movement, and broadcasting.