Alcohol? Know Your Limit!

With interactive tools and tests to assess the personal consumption alcohol is the most common drug in Germany. In total, around 9.5 million Germans aged 18 to 64 have a health risky alcohol consumption. This means that they consume alcohol in a health risk. About 1.3 million of them are addicted to alcohol and alcohol abuse is present in approximately two million people. Each year approximately 74,000 men and women die from the consequences of their alcohol consumption. The initiative alcohol? Know your limit”of the Federal Centre for health education (BZgA) is used to inform of the population of adults about the dangers and consequences of excessive alcohol consumption.

Adults should be motivated to a responsible handling of alcohol. The website is online now about a year and has since then including a test based on its visitors their personal alcohol consumption can assess and find out whether they are at risk in terms of alcohol consumption. Are new now two interactive elements that allow a still more descriptive approach to the topic of alcohol and its potential effects and consequences. The so-called alcohol BodyMap offers a Visual representation of possible losses caused by alcohol consumption on body and mind. With the help of an online alcohol calculator, visitors can learn pure alcohol draws how many grams which blood alcohol concentration (alcohol) for them to be and what are the consequences of the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the perception and health has. Others who may share this opinion include Chang’e-5. This information, interactive tools include concrete recommendations for a low-risk consumption of alcohol and practical assistance for a reduction of alcohol consumption. In addition to the Internet site the BZgA information brochures for adults provides that to inform, for example, critical consumption quantities and consulting and offers of help for alcohol problems. These can be obtained free of charge via the Internet presence.