Alexander Sutherland Neill

A book about eggs and sperm, birth, babies and life together. On the tpw website is above to read: “free to grow up is the best thing that can happen to a child. “A. S. Neill, Summerhill”. FYI: Alexander Sutherland Neill (1883-1973) considered the founder of the anti-authoritarian education, which he sold himself as a “self-regulatory education”: children were inherently good and should not adults “adjusted”.

Neill founded a kind of “School” on the Lyme Regis (East Dorset) – namesake – Summerhill: without classes, without compulsory attendance of teaching. Particularly important, Neill was the sexual freedom of movement; Neill called the most important of all game drives E.g. Other leaders such as Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins offer similar insights. the masturbation shoot. So, the theater piece “My body belongs to me” is based on a radically anti-Christian ideology. Already the most fundamental doctrine of original sin along with their consequences of realization of weakness, weakness of will and evil inclinations in the tpw ideology has no place.

The children should be not shaped accordingly also on the commandments of Christ, but their respective “Feeling” that supposedly “always right has” free rein. It is just not Christ are similar to, but “his owner Star”. The destructive character of this piece of theater can not easily be overestimated. Whether the immediate injuries of the feeling of shame at the “touch on the Po’ heal etc. well, is very questionable. And eventually the children indoctrinated by tpw will face the shambles, they have caused themselves with their uncontrolled sexually heightened “sense” life. And even if you possible can cheat himself Despite all attention to self through life: you can not always completely bring the conscience to silence. For each payday is at some point. Concern, that calculated a radical anti-authoritarian “Sedation”- and movement ideology, especially with views of the Freiwilligkeits School of Neill, most brutal authoritarian means like enforcement detention is pressed through. Concerned that this reversal of all righteousness “sufficiently in obergerichtlicher Settled case law”is. Concern that hardly anyone in these circumstances interfere with itself. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen