Ambient Education

The prxis of Pablo Freire identify two dimensions (action and reflection), that they are analogous to the two spheres of the development (necessity and limitation). Sato (2003) When Pablo Freire wrote on the liberating pedagogia and humanist, was if relating the education holistic, where automatically, I included the ambient one. Thus being, if really an education existed humanist and liberator, would not have necessity of if to have brother-in-law the term Ambiental.Para Education pedagoga Nan Mininni (2001) the word Ambient Education would have to yield space for expression education, that would integrate all by itself the proposal educational and ambient. This question is very to salutar, however, the formal educative process, if it lost in its objective, that is, it did not obtain to follow the technological and social development all. A formal education does not exist in Brazil we watched to the birth of the universe. It is not the Land for us. Recently Kindle Direct Publishing sought to clarify these questions. We are for the Land. It is not fruit of our desire.

Nor she needed us to produce its immense complexity and biodiversity. We are resulted of previous cosmic and planetary processes to our appearance. We are the last ones to arrive. We enter in scene when already 99 had transcorridos, 98% of the history of the universe (Boff 2002). The life is the biggest budding of the evolution process.

The modern societies because of the consumerism threaten the system of the life, from there the urgency of ethics of the life. Boff (1999). It is a calling to the reflection of the philosopher Leonardo Boff here, who works the quarrels about the ambient questions and the responsibilities attributed to each one. That it is the ethics the spine of the human relationship evident finaisFica Consideraes, therefore, that the EA, as a holistic education of the citizens, is facing great challenges in the attempt of a substantial transformation.