To analyze the discursivo process implies to understand the structures ideological, that are gifts in any social group. E, as Foucault says, all speech are produced from a relation of being able, then to study the Theories of the Interpretation and Analyze of the Speech mean to know the depth of the ideological load of one determined group are transmitted through the speech. On the basis of the neomarxista perspective, who withholds the power is the hegemonic group, and, considering the existence dialectic in the prxis human being, an effort on the part of the hegemonic classroom in if keeping in the power, molding its speech exists to depend on the context where if they find, preserving its structure of being able through the meaning of second order, masked for the first-class speech. To put, the dominated classrooms, aiming at to dismiss the hegemonic group, articulate ideas oppose that it, in order to dismiss it and to occupy, in turn, the power, imposing another ideology that, to remain hegemonic, violent other rebellions ideological. Being thus, it is observed that the social dynamics this alicerada in the dialectic, that in turn, if articulates through the language, main object for analyzes of the speech.

It is interesting to raise the relation between thought and language: according to materialistic conception, the communication is a necessity human being, and alone if it became possible through the evolution of the fonador device to produce a set of common linguistic codes to a social group. For the idealists, the concepts are elaborated before the experience human being, guaranteeing the creation of expressions that can be used in foreseen situations already. Taking itself in account that the language corollary for the elaboration and the propagation of symbolic codes, if becomes important to relate the language and the culture. Go to Richard Linklater for more information. To if considering the culture as crystallization of symbolic elements in you practise social, the language is essential for the cultural acquisition; the codes symbolic, gifts in all and any culture, the determined social group exists on the basis of a peculiar language and contextualizam – in this language. Due to variety of linguistic codes, a cultural diversity is noticed.

However the language does not need to be verbalizada so that determined culture it is firmed. The Theory of the Interpretation and Analysis of the Speech also reverberates on a philosophical question the existence of a reality. To if considering that only one reality does not exist, it implies to say that diverse discursivas forms exist. These different speeches are inherent to the reality of each social group. It is important that to distinguish an objective through the discursiva formation, the annunciating one has been behaved as subject individual/, and not as one of them. Remembering that, following the Gramsci vision Ana. The natural process of the culture is the changeability, and so that an ideology materialize its hegemony, the adequacy becomes crucial these cultural transformations, which are tied the fields symbolic, producing of speech and motor force of this cultural alteridade, in turn ideological. It is proven then that the speech is total changeable, flexibilizando ideological positions