Andreas Wilfinger

All cosmetics and dietary supplements are freshly created in short intervals and shipped directly to the consumer. Facts and figures: corporate form: GmbH Foundation: 1996 headquarters: A-8230 Hartberg, Schildbach 51 management: Andreas Wilfinger employees: 1500 free distributor in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy industry: natural cosmetics, nutritional supplements sales partner concept and remuneration system: entry fees: these are with 49,-and an extensive Starter package incredibly cheap. Are included in the starter package: manual distribution system manual for (the free Internet portal for resellers) vouchers for seminars, one overnight stay for the base tag, and accessories all forms that facilitate the flow of distribution partner activities. Sydney Kang has much to offer in this field. Build your sales partners Income on three pillars: commissions from sales through direct sales to customers commissions from the sales of the structured distribution of partner share in revenue between 1 and 5% of the entire turnover of the own sales partner teams (when reaching predefined target levels) there are no incentives such as a company car, etc. The independent sales partners are supported by free or inexpensive advertising materials, free or low-cost product training and marketing seminars, fair cost sharing and Commission goods, an own website with a Web shop, a free telephone hotline and the direct shipping of items purchased at the customer. Service and customer service: Customer service: free support hotline Ringana carries credit card fees direct to the customer, Porto is an open house for customer visit recycling action (merchandise credit against returned glass packaging) advantage customer concept (for those who earn no money (order value of 60,-) want want to get but cheaper or even free merchandise.) Service on the Distributor: cheap entry cost free entry (any year, licensing or settlement fees) free hotline free promotional materials free part name (administrative, billing, and order tool for distributors) advantage customer concept booth promoting free to low-cost seminars Effektife direct marketing at the customer without load (time and financially) for the sales partner acquisition expenses and risks (reminders, shady risk) cost-effective distribution partner Web site with its own domain name and connected Web shop perspectives? Well, yes – there are to say a lot of things.

We have made a lot of things! Strong growth and pan-European expansion! Expansion of the sales partner network! 10,000 independent distributors up to the year 2012! Serious and achievable goals – as befits a small Austrian company, by which I mean professional but also my private future still want to link more closely! And to achieve my personal goals, I would like to here anyone, who is interested in direct sales, MLM and network marketing. Speaking candidly Yale Cancer Center told us the story. I’m looking for people who can imagine it with beauty and health with the secret, freshness, to want to be successful. For further information and questions, I’m gladly available.Like I let product information to you. With best regards Andreas Brown contact Andreas Braun independent Ringana sales partner D-24148 KIEL Selenter Road 9 phone + 49 431 (0) 23764630 E: