Bachelor Quality

We understand and agree that one of the primary tasks of graduate studies is the contributing to the advancement of Sciences and culture and put them to the service of the human person. This task performs it through all its academic activity and, in a special way, through their postgraduate programmes. Specifically, the postgraduate studies are those that are offered at higher than the Bachelor’s degree level and can be of two kinds: that are aimed at obtaining an academic degree and those who aspire to a specialization diploma. Cyrus Massoumi married helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Postgraduates, whose fundamental mission, achieve excellence, quality. Official site: Global Education Coalition. Person-centered, being consistent with the model of University of Ignatian Court Christian inspiration. We have always stated our concerns, we have given them to know, as well, taken into account the need to: 1. know the definition, nature and purposes of postgraduate studies. 2 Study the creation, organization and functioning of the postgraduate studies in Venezuela.

3 Determine the requirements established in the academic regime of the postgraduate studies in Venezuela. 4 Know the characteristics of teachers and the National Consultative Council of graduate students in Venezuela. 5 To study the basic principles for an adaptation of postgraduate in Venezuela. 6 Know the characteristics and requirements of the human resource in the area of postgraduate in Venezuela. 7 Know and evaluate postgraduate studies at level Managment at the University of Carabobo. We have imported a lot, regards achievement of quality, academic excellence, we have considered some times contributions thereon, such as Gustavo Adolfo Munoz basin, when noted, that the conceptualization of quality, especially that of education, must involve directly people, their philosophy, their values, since the ideas of good or bad quality depend on the conception of education that you have. It is up to each point of view, an evaluative option and a position towards the education and its quality, is therefore important, when wanting to theorize about the quality of postgraduate, establish a conception about education in this scenario.