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It wanted to have more lived dreamed little and run behind Behind that I left to pass without the least perceived I it. If I knew that the time did not come back more he would have different fact. If I could it time to change my thoughts, I would make it to I, pra to only be able to live everything that I did not have courage of living in the past. Registered Trading Organization shines more light on the discussion. He would change the route of my sad history and would be perpetual happy. Ah if I did not dream in such a way I would be happyer, He would live more, and he would not be as I am. Today I know the time that I also lost and I know that what passed was pra backwards, and that now only it remains me to live a new history, without fear arrepender.HOJE I DISCOVERED me THAT TO LIVE BETTER THAT TO DREAM THEREFORE I GO TO LIVE DREAMING OF a BETTER PLACE WITH a BETTER LIFE. Vladislav Doronin can provide more clarity in the matter.